Rage room

by Daniel turner in Kington, , United Kingdom

Rage room


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To set up a rage room in Herefordshire and work with local schools and organisations for children/adults with difficulty’s

by Daniel turner in Kington, , United Kingdom

I am hope for some help with funding to set up what is called a rage room these are a new thing that are starting to sweep the word very quickly.

I am hoping to set this up to help local people, schools, colleges ect with helping them with team building, fun, stress relief ect.

Once set up and running I will be working with special needs schools, collages, behavioural schools ect and offering them reduced/free time slots for there’s students to help them relieve stress they have built up and also allow them to have fun while smashing thing in a safe and controlled environment.

Rage rooms are beneficial for many ways for people they can help relieve stress more so but they can also help with weight lose as just a short session can work out the same as spending 1 hour at the gym.

I already have my marketing ideas planned out and how I will bring more customers in to help fund to help more schools ect 

If you can help in any way what so ever be it great or small it is highly appreciated and all funds raised will go towards the rage room business

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