Radical Relief Fund

by Radical Recruit in London, England, United Kingdom

Radical Relief Fund

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To support Radicals who are in crisis - we use this to pay for emergency accom, food, travel for interviews, gas and electricity mostly

by Radical Recruit in London, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 31st December 2021 we'd raised £25,494 with 205 supporters in 407 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

This page has been repurposed to raise funds for the Radicals we support who are in crisis and need help to get back on their feet again or, who require support to start work. Funds raised will be used to purchase the following items:

- temporary/emergency accommodation 

- material aid like clothes and shoes

- food, toiletry and sanitary products

- top-up cards for gas and electric metres

The reality for many of the people we work with is that securing and sustaining work is impossible when you are hungry, you don't have electricity, or worse, you don't have a safe roof over your head. This fund helps to alleviate some of the barriers our Radicals face so we can carry out our mission - to support our Radicals to get interview ready, secure good jobs and start to (re)build lives that they love.

From Em, our founder and a bit about our mission!


My home growing up was a safe place that nourished me in all the ways a child needs nurturing. I was encouraged to be myself at all times. My genuine, authentic, imperfect self and I don’t recall ever doubting my potential. When I reflect on my life, I cannot remember a time when I didn’t feel like I belonged. I was born into incredible privilege, and as I grew older, I became increasingly aware of my privilege and the opportunities born out of it. I also became acutely aware that not everybody enjoys such privilege, and subsequently, not everyone enjoys the same opportunities in life.  

In 2019, I decided to use my privilege for the benefit of others and in October 2019, Radical was born. My team and I are on a mission to help some of the UK’s most vulnerable but wonderful humans to acquire the skills. the tools and the confidence they need to compete on an even footing within the labour market, win jobs on merit (rather than because of charity), sustain their placements and progress in their chosen careers.

We’re the UK’s only not-for-profit recruitment and social mobility consultancy service. We are also on a mission to ensure that our candidates (we call them our Radicals) have the support they need to secure meaningful work so that they can build lives that they love.

About our Radicals

Our Radicals are people who have a ‘protected characteristic’ under the law. For example, people who identify as BAME, LGBTQ and disabled.

We also work with people who have diverse life experiences which have made it tough to enter the world of work in the first instance, or challenging to return after a period of absence. This includes people who have experience of homelessness, people who have had contact with the care and criminal justice system, survivors of domestic violence and abuse and modern-day slavery, returned veterans, people in recovery … the list goes on.

Our impact in numbers:

  • 300+ Radicals who experience intersecting disadvantages and significant barriers placed into meaningful and paid work.
  • Salaries negotiated from London Living Wage to £90,000.
  • Less than 2% re-offending rate amongst Radicals with a conviction.
  • 56 rough sleeper Radicals with no recourse to public funds supported to come off the streets, secure permanent employment and move into stable accommodation.
  • 82% in-work sustainability rate for our most vulnerable Radicals, our rough sleeper Radicals placed in into work in the height of the pandemic. 
  • 90% in-work sustainability rate at six months for all other Radicals.

But don't just take our word for it!

Below are some case studies and testimonials to give you an insight into our Radicals and the broad range of support we offer.

Photo: A text from our Young, BAME and care experienced Radical Nelly* after she got her first job in HR.


Alisha's story:

Photo: Tia and Steve after we filmed their stories. Click here to watch Tia and Steve's story


Kevin's story:

Photo: A LinkedIn post by our Radical with a disability after she got the marketing job


Photo: A text from Yasin to Em after he got the job! Click here for testimony from Yas.


Why do we need your help?

We currently have over 1200 Radicals registered on our books. They all need and deserve support but we are funded to work with less than 200 of them which is why we are reaching out to businesses and individuals who have the capacity to help financially.

We’ve proven that it IS possible to support people to secure good jobs and build lives that they love.

Our support includes: 

  •    Work-ready assessments and individual employment action plans;
  •    Referrals and signposting to other specialist services;
  •    Individual coaching and mentoring; 
  •    Supporting our candidates to prepare a CV that we can take to market;
  •    Group interview workshops and individual mock interviews;
  •    Confidence building;
  •    Providing the technology needed for candidates to apply for jobs and complete online assessments; 
  •   Working with employers to generate awareness of our candidates and make their hiring easier; and
  •   Post-placement support including weekly contact with candidates to ensure they are supported to navigate the workplace and with time, progress in their chosen careers.

What are some of the other ways to support our Radical mission?

SPONSOR A RADICAL - it costs between £1,000 and £5,000 to support a Radical to get ready for work, secure a great job and sustain their placement. 

HIRE A RADICAL - change a life by hiring a Radical and giving them a place to work where they feel like they belong. Email [email protected] to book a call or meeting.

SPONSOR A CORPORATE EMPLOYABILITY EVENT - a half-day employability event for 10 Radicals (and 20  corporate volunteers) costs £1,800 to administer and run. Email Lee at [email protected] for an obligation-free chat.

USE OUR SERVICES - All profits from sales are reinvested to help fund our work. We offer recruitment, anti-bias and trauma-informed leadership training, corporate volunteering and team away days, social mobility and corporate social responsibility advisory and consultancy services. To book a call, email [email protected] or [email protected]

VOLUNTEER - online and in-person opportunities designed for corporates and individuals who want to use their skills to make a real difference. For more info, email [email protected] (corporates) or [email protected]

SPREAD THE WORD - help us by talking about our cause. Follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram or connect with our founder, Em.

STAY IN TOUCH - now might not be the right time for you but if you'd like to stay I touch and receive our monthly e-newsletter, email [email protected] and ask to be added to our mailing list!



This project offered rewards

£3,000 or more

Sponsor a Radical into work

On average, it costs £3,000 to support a Radical to get interview ready, secure a great job and support them to sustain their placement.

£50 or more

Sponsor tech for our candidates

£50 allows us to purchase a tablet for one Radical candidate so they can stay connected during the pandemic, access our online pre-work support services and perform independent job searches.

£300 or more

Sponsor an initial assessment for one candidate

£300 allows us to carry out a thorough needs risk and work-readiness assessment, develop and individualised action plan and make referrals to other specialist services for one Radical candidate.

£500 or more

Sponsor an employability event for 10 candidates

£500 allows to run a volunteer-supported online employability webinar and workshop to teach 10 Radical candidates how to develop a CV that's Applicant Tracking System optimised and which can be tailored for the jobs they will apply for.

£1,800 or more

Sponsor one-to-one support for 10 candidates

£1,800 allows us to provide one-to-one online support to 10 Radical candidates to teach them how to answer competency and values-based interview questions and facilitate three mock interviews where they will be given real-time feedback on what they did well and what they could improve.

£5,000 or more

Sponsor 6 full-day online workshops

£5,000 allows us to provide six full-day online workshops to support our Radical candidates to learn about personal branding, develop their personal elevator pitch, set up LinkedIn profiles and practice their networking skills.

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