Quash the law preventing welfare rights appeals

by Michael Connor in Little Haywood, England, United Kingdom

Quash the law preventing welfare rights appeals
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To fund a High Court Judicial Review hearing to quash the law that prevents one appealing adverse benefit decisions

by Michael Connor in Little Haywood, England, United Kingdom

UPDATE TARGET REACHED! Thank you so much. Your faith and support in my case has given me strength and determination. The more money I can raise the better position I will be in to fund court costs, appeal costs and legal costs. I am so inspired by the support that I am looking into launching a second action. This is on the ground of negligent mis-statement  in PIP  medical face to faces interviews and ESA/UC work capability assessments. 

UPDATE Wow thank you everyone for your faith in my case! I am a tenacious advocate and will fight this case with all my passion. The convention right to appeal to a tribunal is absolute and no deviation from this is allowed in law. Despite this the DWP minister signed away your right to appeal until they have done an almost pointless review. I will fight this all the way to the Supreme Court if need be so please continue to support if you can

UPDATE - I am overwhelmed by your kind support, As a result I was able to pay the court fee and the case will proceed to hearing! However High Court action as a Litigant in Person is expensive. Everytime I need to file documents, apply for a court direction there is a cost. There is also the risk that I may need to pay defendants costs if I loose. And for sure I WILL be appealing ito the Court of Appeal if I loose. That will also incur costs. PLEASE if you can continue to support this fighting fund to quash the law that hinders to the to appeal for our most vulnerable neighbours.

I have been granted permission by the High Court for a Judicial Review Hearing to request a Quashing Order of the welfare benefit rule that prevents claimants from appealing adverse decisions. At present if a person has been wrongly denied benefits they have to wait until the benefit office have done a lengthy review which rarely changes the adverse decision. This is against article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights. This is the right to a fair trial promptly by an independent tribunal. I launched this action as a Litigant in Person. I have recent legal qualifications, a first class Law Degree, a Masters in Law and a Legal Practice certificate. However the next stage is a hearing in the High Court. This is very expensive! I need your help to fund the next stage. If this action is successful the most vulnerable people in our society can get access to justice quicker. This is by having their case heard by an independent Tribunal regardless of any further review by the DWP. As the film I, Daniel Blake, highlighted many people die before their appeal is eventually heard, This is because of the lengthy and pointless DWP rule that stops people appealing. If my legal action is successful this unfair law will be quashed

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