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by Pulp Friction CIC in Nottingham, United Kingdom

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Help Nottingham based CIC PULP FRICTION to build their Growing Skills garden at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in May 2024

by Pulp Friction CIC in Nottingham, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 17th February 2024 we'd raised £3,620 with 97 supporters in 39 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

Thank you for helping us raise our initial target - We are so grateful for your support. Any further funds we raise will help us add to our offer for members and extend the numbers who can come and work on the garden / get involved. Additional money can also be used to support the relocation project making the garden created in Nottingham fully accessible.

Our Chelsea Project

East Midlands-based Community Interest Company (CIC), Pulp Friction, is heading to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in May 2024 to demonstrate the power of inclusivity through gardening. The ‘Growing Skills Garden’ is one of the popular All About Plants category exhibits and reflects Pulp Friction’s mission to challenge perceptions of people with Learning Disabilities. 1704380394_copy_of_team_photo_with_scarecrow_in_garden.jpg

Thanks to its sponsors, Project Giving Back, and partnership with designers, Will Dutch and Tin Tin Azure-Marxen of Dutch Landscape Architects, the Pulp Friction ‘Growing Skills Garden’ will give people who attend the organisation’s day service the opportunity to be front and centre of a project that could reach millions. The inequalities people with a learning disability face in the world of work will be reflected in the garden; with five trees representing the fact that just 5% of adults with a learning disability are currently in paid employment - something Pulp Friction is committed to changing. In Nottinghamshire it is estimated that this figure falls to 2.8%.

How can you help? 

Members have been making rewards for people who are able to make donations to help support all of the additional costs of building our amazing garden. We want to ensure the members have every opportunity to fully participate and act as ambassadors for our work. Members will help in the week before the show with building and planting up the garden. We are asking for donations to our crowdfunder to support:

  • Accomodation and transportation for Members and support staff
  • Marketing and publicity costs (t-shirts, postcards and items that will help us connect visitors to the show with our work)

“This is such an exciting project for our Members. As well as getting their hands dirty planting and growing, all of the Pulp Friction Members will have the opportunity to apply to be part of the event team; staffing the garden, running events and activities linked to the project and its relocation to Stockhill Fire Station where it will be enjoyed by the community. It is a huge organisation-wide effort and we are all looking forward to seeing the garden come to life and meeting our aims of creating a wonderful garden that not only looks beautiful but that challenges perceptions and creates positive change.” 

Beth Danks, lead gardener at Pulp Friction

We invite you to become a small part of our Chelsea story by helping us to fund the costs of this massive undertaking. We are small but mighty and together you can help us make the most of this fantastic platform and help to create change for people with Learning Disabilities, their families, carers and friends.


Our Garden

“When my daughter, Jessie, and I began Pulp Friction in 2009, we had a single smoothie bike which we would take to different events across Nottinghamshire. It’s from here that we saw the potential of what Pulp Friction could be, and we’ve continued to grow and develop ever since.” Jill Carter MBE, CEO of Pulp Friction.

Pulp Friction will honour the centrifugal force of their bikes within the design of the garden, with a nod to circular motions throughout. Included in this will be motifs made by Members via spin-art bikes, as well as a halo structure made of recycled fire hoses donated through their ongoing partnership with Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service, who contracted Pulp Friction to run the canteen at their Headquarters in 2015 and later the canteen at the Police and Fire Joint Headquarters in 2021. 1704572953_dutch_landscape_architects_-_growing_skills_garden_(handed).jpg

The plot will also take inspiration from the beauty of forest gardens to reflect the famous Sherwood Forest - remnants of which sit close to Pulp Friction’s Headquarters, and build on the model created by horticulturist, Robert Hart.

Jill adds “We’re very grateful that Project Giving Back have provided funding to help us to take our ‘Growing Skills Garden’ to Chelsea. It is a brilliant opportunity for our Members to showcase their skills to a wider audience. We hope the space will be a place where Pulp Friction, our Members and the wider community can come together, break barriers and change perceptions. We hope you also might consider donating to our crowdfunder to make this a memorable experience for our members and team supporting them."

Some of our Crowdfunder Rewards:

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This project offered rewards

£10 or more

Crochet lime Pulp Friction key ring

Beautiful crochet Lime key rings made by Wendy - a good friend of Pulp Friction from the Dig In allotment in Stapleford. Collect your reward from our cafe in Bestwood

£10 or more

Four Pack of Seeds

Four Packs of seeds bagged up by our members from last years crop. Seeds are Poppy, Nigella, Sunflower and Everlasting Sweet Pea. With beautiful artwork by member Claire Swain. Collect from our cafe in Bestwood, Nottingham

£10 or more

Lavender Bag

Lovely single Lavender Bags made up by our members with lovely artwork by Claire Swain. For collection from our cafe in Bestwood, Nottingham

£15 or more

Spin Art Canvas

Made on our wonderful spin art bike by Pulp Friction members - Damien Hirst charges a fair old bob for his! But for £15 you can own a unique work made by our members. You will need to collect from our cafe in Bestwood.

£20 or more

Bug hotel

Constructed by lots of the team - featuring the PF logo. A variety of shapes and sizes but all very attractive to our local bug population! Collection from our cafe in Bestwood, Nottingham.

£20 or more

Tin Tin the naughty gnome

Cast by our members and painted in our unique spin art style - a one off wonky gnome! You will need to collect from our cafe in Bestwood, Nottingham.

£25 or more

Unique Tile Art

This is a special one. Members have been making tiles that will be used in the garden paths. You can own a small tile from the limited run of 50 for sale tiles that are being produced. The tile has been made by members and will be boxed - but you will need to collect it from our cafe in Bestwood Park

£30 or more

Gardening Apron

Another special one - we have made unique garden aprons that we will be wearing on the garden as part of the project. The aprons have been co produced by Tiger textiles with members creating spin art patches and fabrics and helping to design the layout with recycled denim. Members have cut and helped layout the aprons for Tiger's volunteers to sew. You will see the aprons in use on the garden - collection from our cafe in Bestwood, Nottingham.

£300 or more

Access to see the garden being built

Access for 2 supporters to see the garden being built , chat with the designers and see the garden in production (2 - 4pm on Thursday 16th May). This reward does not include transport or accommodation - just the opportunity to visit the site, late into the build and witness Chelsea 'behind the scenes'. You will need to provide accreditation information for the named visitors in advance to take up this reward.

£500 or more

2 Tickets to our late night event on the garden

2 tickets to our on garden event 'after hours' with drinks and late night access to the flower show. Visitors will need to make their own travel and accommodation arrangements. The event will take place on one evening between 22 - 24 May. You will get access to the show, the chance to go on the Pulp Friction Growing Skills garden and light refreshments.

£25 or more

Bird House

Bird Houses - Excellent Marine Ply houses made by Albert, Beth & Rob featuring our PF logo Collect from our cafe in Bestwood, Nottingham

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