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The aim of this project is to fund local activities that protect and give vulnerable Women & Children in Afghanistan invaluable support.

1630583681_999.jpg1630583503_a_savage_future.jpg1630583764_education-srizki-flickr.jpgRight now rural Afghan Women & Children in Afghanistan are at risk of gradually moving to abject poverty due to lack of funds to feed themselves and find safe havens.  Most of these women whose men folk have either died or been forcibly recruited by the Talibaan are most at risk.   These widows and single mothers of sometimes families of 8 and 10 are desperate without hope and are moving towards the cities to find refuge.  Here due to lack of resources a lot of them are being driven to begging on the streets.  The fund created here will send funds to areas in Afghanistan and some cities where they will be used to house, feed and find safe passage for these vulnerable human beings.  The Talibaan are hell bent on refusing any aid or help to these people.  These women and children have no hope of being able re settle or indeed even survive the brutal and harsh realities on ground.  Our local workers are sent money and funds through all means in to Afghanistan specially through the porous borders in Pakistan.  The funds gathered will be spent on the first the most vulnerable that is abused and mistreated women who are being systematically sifted for their beliefs and the want of better education for their children and safety for themselves.  The Talibaan are a vicious group of people who kidnap and rape women sometimes with their families present.  The trauma they go through is un-describable and the affect on their children or children who witness this is unimaginable.  The fund will get help to these women and move them to safe havens.  The children need education specially the female children.  They are the most exposed to the Talibaan regime.  The funds collected here will be used to provide private education centres sometimes underground centres of education for female children.  They are malnourished and need vital edible ingredients to keep them in good health at the same time.  Both women and female children specifically are in extreme vulnerable situation.  This appeal and the valuable funds collected will within a short period of time be sent and used for these these very desperate people.  Contribute freely and give as much as possible.  The Afghans need us at this critical time and the prayers that it will generate is invaluable to the contributors.  Appealing to all those generous donors who would like to see justice for these vulnerable human beings and please know that it will change many lives and touch many hearts.  We will provide accounts and insight from time to time to the donors as to how their funds are being used and how it is having an affect on the lives of the recipient people.  Being a Pathan myself and having spent many years in Kabul and other districts of Afghanistan my heart goes out to the people of Afghanistan and these vulnerable segments of Afghan society under the Talibaan rule.  Please donate generously and pray that my ambition to give relief to the most vulnerable in the Afghan nation are achieved.  I cannot do this alone or on my own funds.  I have sent every penny I could spare.  But the problem is huge and a lot of money is needed to help these people.  I urge you dig deep and help these poor people.  If we all join hands and help.  We may not be able to solve all their problems but a even a little will go a long way to alleviating their plight to some degree.  


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