Protecting our human rights

by Victoria Richardson in Ardeonaig, Scotland, United Kingdom

Protecting our human rights

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To instruct a lawyer to fight for our right to protest, to fight against a health passport being mandatory and mandatory vaccinations

by Victoria Richardson in Ardeonaig, Scotland, United Kingdom

Since the beginning of the coronavirus more and more of our human rights are being stripped away. We are now not allowed to protest against the government without risking a fine of £10,000. The right to protest is a fundamental pillar of any democratic society. 

The mandatory vaccine laws will be revisited in September. The UK government are changing legislation now to administer the covid vaccine unlicensed. They are also changing legislation to remove any liability from themselves and the manufacturer for any damages that occur. 

The 2010 swine flu vaccine brain damaged children and the government have admitted liability. 

I do not consent to a health passport which will restrict my freedom of movement of I don't comply with covid vaccines and testing. 

Children are being threatened with exclusion from school for not wearing masks and being forced to have a covid test for a sniffle. The right to education is a basic human right which is being denied to our children. 

Disabled people with exemptions are being refused entry into public places without mask and facing abuse. 

Please help me raise funds to take the Scottish government to court to stop all these unnecessary violations of our human rights. 

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