Prosper: The Prequel (A Cornish Pirate Adventure)

by Jacob Bennett in Saint Austell, Cornwall, United Kingdom

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To fund the long-awaited prequel to Prosper, unravelling the origin stories to Captain Billy Flynn and his crew of barbaric pirates

by Jacob Bennett in Saint Austell, Cornwall, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 9th February 2023 we'd raised £140 with 5 supporters in 42 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.


The story unravels, revealing the past of the Pirates Of St Piran prior to the events of 'Prosper (2022)'. This anthology tells the backstories of Captain Swillin' Billy Flynn, (The Reverend) Eddie Bawden & Danny Avery along with new characters! 

(The script is not yet finalized - 22.12.22) 

Where it all began!

In march of 2022, Jacob began production on 'Prosper'. It was an incredibly challenging experience for both him and the cast. Production always involved a lot of pressure due to managing a large cast and shooting in various locations around Cornwall with money to cover travel expenses. Production finished in May and the film was sent off to film festivals! 

Did Prosper come out anywhere near to where we had originally envisioned? Definitely not, however that is certainly not a bad thing! With seven script variations and a production schedule changing by the hour, getting the film done was a priority for us. However, despite our worries, the efforts from both the crew and cast had paid off. Prosper was selected for four film festivals awards, including 'Paus TV' & 'Pinewood Studios'.

Overall, it was an adventure, and the pirates are ready to continue telling their stories but of course it comes with a cost. Despite trying to do as much as we possibly can with our own small budget it obviously comes with its limitations, so we are very politely asking for your help (politeness from pirates?... that's right!)

Meet The Pirates!

The Pirates Of St PiranThe Pirates Of St Piran

"The Pirates Of St Piran are a non-profit making charity fundraising pirate crew working to raise a few doubloons, primarily for the RNLI, Children’s Hospice Southwest and The Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust. They also contribute too many other smaller local charities who they feel need their help.

They are a rumbustious rocky sea shanty crew who perform in authentic 18th century pirate attire at venues, music festivals and pirate events all over the West Country. They have gained a great reputation for out outrageous and explosive live shows." - The Pirates

Captain Swillin' Billy FlynnCaptain Swillin' Billy Flynn

Swillin' Billy Flynn - captain of the Pirates Of St Piran is a gentlemen pirate and flintlock for hire. He also plays a mean gazouki! (Featured in 'Prosper: 2022') 

(The Reverend) Eddie Bawden(The Reverend) Eddie Bawden

(The Reverend) Eddie Bawden - Coxon and pastoral care. A close friend to Billy Flynn. "God bless you all, even the ugly ones". (Featured in 'Prosper: 2022') 

Kitty HawkeKitty Hawke

Kitty Hawke - Retail and distribution of contraband and all manners of plundered items. She is also the one who bangs the drum! (Featured in 'Prosper: 2022') 

Edgy WhitebeardEdgy Whitebeard

Edgy Whitebeard - Bosun and master cat herder. He keeps the crew in line and on their best behavior despite his drunken manner! He is a master showman, working the crowds and always in the thick of any mischief or mayhem that happens to be going on. (Featured in 'Prosper: 2022')

Poison Penny CookPoison Penny Cook

Poison Penny Cook - Maker of poultices, potions and ointments. (Featured in 'Prosper: 2022')

This is just some of the cast that will feature in the film!

The Crew

Jacob BennettJacob Bennett

The Director & Writer - Jacob is the director and writer for both 'Prosper: 2022' & 'Prosper: The Sequel' as well as several other projects under the name 'JBFocal'.

Keon MannKeon Mann

DOP - Keon Mann is the 'Director Of Photographer' (from KMVisuals). 

Max FrancoMax Franco

Production Assistant/Dolly Grip - Max Franco is the 'Production Assistant' & 'Dolly Grip'. (from RadMax Productions).

1673892665_277076666_168458002204326_7116812586872314400_n.jpgHenry Pearce

Sound Technician & Boom Operator - Henry Pearce is the sound technician & boom operator

James McInnes-Slegg

1st AC - James is the '1st Assistant Camera Operator'. (from 'This Is Cornwall').


What we'd use the money for:

  • Crew & Cast
  • Location fees
  • Travel fees
  • Possible accommodation fees
  • Props & Make-up
  • Kit hire
  • Festival entries
  • Food


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