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Project Return

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We have been hit financially during COVID, but are determined to keep supporting our local community & NHS, so we ask that you join us

by londonayyappacentre in London, England, United Kingdom

We are a small organisation based in Newham, who are very focused on mental health and the overall well being of those close and afar, irrespective of race, ability and gender. 

On a normal day, we would be supplying hot meals to those most in need, including the homeless and vulnerable. We have also been running meditation classes, well-being classes and general drop-in sessions to support those that would like a friendly chat about anything that's been bothering them.

Over the COVID-19 period, we have been committed to delivering meals to the NHS workers, who work tirelessly to keep us going, putting aside all their personal matters, hunger and tiredness, to come into work everyday, for the public, they deserve so much more, but all our funds could allow at the time, was a nice hot meal, at lunch for them, we hope to do more, going forward, if we are fortunate enough.  As you can see from the image below, it was one of our happiest and proudest moments, to give back to our NHS, it made those volunteering with us also feel so much happier mentally, and benefited us all really.


In addition to this, we have been committed to serving our local community, we understand how hard it has not only hit small organisations like us, financially, but individual families, though we may not speak about it, this can have a mental impact, so we have always welcomed chats, well-being conversations, and advertised food donation sessions, and have been so proud to feed so many, including the homeless and those most at need, over the COVID period with basic groceries, hot meals etc. We have also received an overwhelming number of positive messages from those who have had to remain isolated from friends and family, and have appreciated this bit of connection we give them, not everyone is able to make a hot meal themselves either, and were reliant on others before lockdown, so they too were very grateful for all that we could do, for them.

Such is life that now, unfortunately with a heavy heart, we have had to stop these as we are in a position where we have had no financial income whatsoever over the last year, we have been unable to clear our rent arrears, and due to a substantial backlog, we are in due course going to be evicted essentially and will have to shut, if we cannot collect sufficient funds. We have not been successful for many grants, and we as volunteers can no longer self-fund through our own pockets to a level that is sustainable, as you can imagine we need the support of the public, and hope that you can get us out of the debt and back on our feet. We promise to keep doing good to the local community, once we are out of this, please remember every little can help, no matter how small of an amount, it will be truly appreciated, in fact, more than you'll ever realise. Please remember, a simple £2 can make the difference between us being able to help people in 10 years time, and become accessible to an even wider community, or having to close in under a month.

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