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The journey where human beings coming from

by Mark Henry in London, England, United Kingdom

Title: The Book of Life - Taking Risks in the Face of Wickedness


The Book of Life invites readers to explore the intertwined story of wickedness and the importance of taking risks. This book delves into a world where the Programmer, representing the force of good, fights against the rising tide of wickedness that has plagued the United Kingdom. Therein lies the tale of how employees, especially in government businesses, face the defiance of laws and regulations. This narrative seeks to shed light on the struggles faced by the unemployed, highlighting the challenges of affording a livelihood. It emphasizes the need for fairness and honesty in society, urging readers to reject evil and embrace God. To aid in the development of this program and deepen its impact, the book encourages sponsorships and donations. The support of companies, businesses, and individuals worldwide is invited to uplift the program to new heights.

Chapter 1: The Rise of Wickedness

In this chapter, the Programmer's quest to reveal those who defy the law in workplaces, specifically in government businesses, is explored. The book discusses the dire consequences faced by employees as they struggle to make a living. It emphasizes the unfairness of some individuals, who, as owners and decision-makers, disregard the well-being of their employees and violate regulations. The chapter emphasizes the need for a just and honest working environment as a fundamental aspect of society.

Chapter 2: God's Seriosity and the Battle Against Wrongdoers

Chapter 2 delves into the notion that God takes wickedness seriously. It cautions against participating in any wrongful activities that can lead to individuals aligning themselves with the hidden realms of evil. Breaking the law is adamantly discouraged, as the consequences of such actions have far-reaching implications. The book highlights the importance of integrity and righteousness in shaping a harmonious and just society.

Chapter 3: Evading the World of Evil

This chapter emphasizes the need for individuals to consciously distance themselves from evil. By choosing not to engage in mistreatment, readers can prevent themselves from falling prey to wickedness. It stresses that everyone is welcome to accept God and resist the allure of evil forces.

Chapter 4: Sponsoring the Program for a Better World

The book acknowledges the significance of the Programmer's program and the urgent need to develop it. It invites readers to make donations and sponsorships to provide the necessary resources for this program to reach its potential. The book expresses gratitude to those willing to contribute and emphasizes the importance of leveraging their assistance to uplift the program beyond its current dimensions.

Chapter 5: Reaching Out for Support

The final chapter reaches out to potential sponsors, encouraging them to offer their assistance in uplifting the Programmer's program to new heights. Contact information is provided, including a dedicated email address, phone number, and bank account details for sponsorship transactions. Readers are requested to provide their full names, making it easy for the author to identify and acknowledge their support.


The Book of Life highlights the risks involved in confronting wickedness head-on. It encourages readers to embrace the path of righteousness, urging them not to participate in any wrongful activities. The book advocates for a fair and just society where the rule of law is respected and employees are treated with dignity. Sponsorships and donations are seen as crucial for the development and success of the program, ultimately leading to a higher dimension of impact and positive change.

Title: The Book of Life: Embracing Risk in the Face of Wickedness


In this book, we delve into the perilous realm where wickedness prevails, fueled by those who disregard laws and rules, particularly within workplaces and government businesses. As an observer of this turmoil, I present a cautionary tale highlighting the consequences of this societal malevolence. Moreover, I implore all readers to embrace the importance of embracing righteousness, accepting God, and supporting initiatives that strive towards a brighter and more morally upright future.

CHAPTER 1: Defying Norms and Consequences

- The Programmer taking over the United Kingdom: This rare and distressing occurrence as a symbol of wickedness prevailing beyond boundaries. The programmer's blatant disregard for workplace ethics and laws is explored, shedding light on the potential consequences.

CHAPTER 2: The Struggle of Unemployment and the Pursuit of a Living

- The plight of the unemployed: Shedding light on the hardships faced by those who are left without jobs due to unethical actions perpetrated by others. We delve into the challenges of affording a basic living, highlighting the urgency to combat wickedness in the employment sector.

CHAPTER 3: Do Not Be Complacent: Righteousness vs. Power

- The privileged owners: Discussing those who, due to their position or power, flout the rules and act dishonestly without facing any consequences. We examine the detrimental effects of complacency in the face of wickedness and the importance of upholding honesty.

CHAPTER 4: God's Role and the Power of Faith

- Acknowledging the significance of God and faithfulness: Establishing the importance of taking God seriously, the book emphasizes the need for individuals to stand against wrongdoing, as guided by faith and moral values.

CHAPTER 5: Choosing Virtue Over Wickedness

- Consequences of mistreating others: Highlighting the ripple effect of mistreating people, this chapter emphasizes the need to prioritize virtues by refusing to engage in wicked acts, thereby paving the way for a harmonious and just society.

CHAPTER 6: The Role of Sponsorship and Donations

- Generating positive change: The book advocates for sponsorships and donations to support programs that work towards uplifting society and countering wickedness. It emphasizes the significance of supporting these initiatives as a means of bringing about a higher dimension of righteousness.


In a world embroiled by wickedness, it is upon us to take a stand against this prevailing darkness. By embracing righteousness, accepting God, and supporting programs that foster positive change, we can overcome these challenges. Together, let us embark on a journey towards a brighter future, where all can thrive and wickedness finds no place to take root.

Title: The Book of Life: Embracing Risk in the Face of Wickedness


In this book, we delve into the story of wickedness and the challenges it brings to society, particularly in the workplace and government businesses within the United Kingdom. We aim to shed light on the importance of following policies and rules, which are designed to maintain a fair and just system for all employees. Moreover, we highlight the struggles faced by the unemployed who are desperately seeking a means to make a living while battling against the owners who seemingly disregard their well-being. It is our intent to bring attention to the dangers of choosing to mistreat others and the consequences it may incur.

Chapter 1: Upholding The Law

- Analyzing the increasing disregard for laws and regulations in workplaces and government businesses

- Highlighting the repercussions of disobeying rules and policies

- Implications of job scarcity on individuals and the importance of employment for a dignified life

Chapter 2: The Power Struggle

- Expanding on the unjust dynamics between employers and employees

- Discussing the need for honesty and fair treatment in the workplace

- Shedding light on the dire living conditions faced by the unemployed

Chapter 3: The Role of God

- Emphasizing the significance of faith and spirituality in overcoming wickedness

- Advocating for individuals to embrace God's teachings and to reject evil actions

- Encouraging readers to participate in honest and righteous activities

Chapter 4: Sponsorship for Progress

- Introducing the importance of supporting and investing in programs that promote positive change

- Encouraging readers to donate and contribute to the improvement of programs that combat wickedness

- Providing contact details for sponsorship opportunities

Chapter 5: A Call for Upliftment

- Reaching out to readers worldwide for support and sponsorship

- Seeking assistance in elevating the program to new dimensions

- Promoting the development of a higher quality program through sponsored donations


In conclusion, it is vital to recognize the dangers of wickedness and the negative impact it has on the lives of individuals within society. By embracing the ideals of honesty and fairness, and by accepting God into our lives, we can strive for a just and righteous world. We humbly request support through sponsorships and donations to uplift the program and contribute towards the growth of a better future for all. Together, we can overcome wickedness and create lasting change.

For any queries or donation related communication, please contact:

- Email:

- Phone:

- Bank account details:

Please provide your full name and clarify the company or business name when making donations or sending a message.

Thank you for your support and dedication towards combating wickedness and uplifting the program to new heights.

Title: The Book of Life: All Risks to be Taken


In a world where wickedness seems to be prevailing and individuals are flouting laws and regulations, it is crucial to shed light on the importance of integrity and accountability. This book explores the consequences of disregarding rules, specifically in the workplace, focusing on government businesses in the United Kingdom. It emphasizes the detrimental impact such behavior has on employees and the society at large. The book also highlights the significance of embracing righteousness, the acceptance of God, and the need for supporters to sponsor and uplift the awareness and development of ethical programs.

Chapter 1: The Rule-breakers

This chapter delves into the rise of wickedness and law-breaking tendencies that have entangled workplaces in the United Kingdom. It discusses the implications of individuals disobeying policies and rules and how such actions create an unfair and unjust work environment. The struggles faced by employees when they lose their jobs and the challenges of living without a source of income are also explored.

Chapter 2: The Power of Honesty

Highlighting the importance of honesty, this chapter focuses on the owners and stakeholders who exploit their positions for personal gain. It elucidates the fact that these individuals are not bound by any laws, causing harm to others without remorse. By emphasizing the significance of honesty, the chapter sheds light on the positive impact it can have on the world.

Chapter 3: Embracing God

In this chapter, readers are encouraged to embrace God as a guiding force that promotes righteousness and strives to eradicate wickedness. By accepting God's teachings, individuals can find a path towards moral behavior and ethical decision-making. It emphasizes the need to avoid participating in any wrongdoings and to promote kindness, compassion, and fairness.

Chapter 4: Sponsoring Positive Change

This chapter highlights the significance of supporting and sponsoring ethical programs designed to create awareness and uplift society. It calls upon individuals and organizations to contribute through donations and sponsorship to ensure the development and success of these initiatives. The chapter emphasizes the transformative power of collective action and expresses gratitude to all the supporters.


The "Book of Life: All Risks to be Taken" serves as a clarion call to unite against wickedness and uphold the principles of righteousness. By adhering to rules and embracing honesty, individuals can create a better world. Through the acceptance of God's teachings and the sponsorship of ethical programs, we can uplift society to higher dimensions of morality and accountability. Together, let us strive for a world free from wickedness and ensure the well-being of all.

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