Product development of universal allen key

by Advanced tools in Southport, England, United Kingdom

Product development of universal allen key
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We’re excited to unveil a campaign that’s set to revolutionize the tool industry. Imagine an allen key that’s not just lighter but smarter.

by Advanced tools in Southport, England, United Kingdom

The universal allen key 

About the designer/owner.

I am a passionate 47-year-old engineer with a fresh Master of Science degree in Renewable and Sustainable Engineering. My academic journey began at Glyndwr University in Wrexham, where I earned my bachelor’s degree with honors in the same field, completing the course in an impressive three years. I also have the distinction of being among the inaugural graduates from the Lancashire Energy HQ in Blackpool, where I received my Extended Level 3 BTEC Certificate in Design and Manufacturing, achieving distinctions and merits across the board.

My educational experience has equipped me with a wealth of knowledge, including expertise in lean design, Six Sigma, and Autodesk Inventor, among other design skills. My peers often describe me as an inventive thinker, someone who consistently delivers out-of-the-box solutions in engineering.

Beyond the classroom, I’m an avid motorcyclist, and it was my frustration with constantly searching for missing allen keys while repairing my bike on the roadside that sparked my latest innovation. The bulky, heavy set of keys in my small tool bag inspired me to design a more compact, lightweight solution that wouldn’t compromise on functionality.

The product.

? Introducing the Future of Tools: The Universal Allen Key!

We’re excited to unveil a campaign that’s set to revolutionize the tool industry. Imagine an allen key that’s not just lighter but smarter, designed to make your work faster, easier, and more efficient. Our Universal Allen Key is a marvel of engineering, boasting a sleek design with less mass and weight than any other on the market.

What’s the big deal?

Sizes for Every Need: With sizes ranging from 2mm to 11mm, our allen key has got you covered for any task.

Auto-Select Feature: Forget fumbling for the right size. Our allen key automatically selects the correct nib size and retracts the others, all within the driver head.

Space-Saving Design: All nibs are ingeniously layered within the largest size, significantly reducing space and weight.

Enhanced Torque: A 14mm hex imprint on the outer casing allows for additional leverage using an adjustable wrench or spanner.

This isn’t just another tool; it’s the culmination of countless hours of design and innovation. While many have attempted such a system, none have succeeded – until now. Our tool can be crafted from various materials to suit specific industries, particularly where space and weight are paramount.

Designed primarily for the aerospace industry, the Universal Allen Key is also perfect for motorbike and bicycle kits. It’s poised to replace conventional allen keys across the board.

Be part of this tool revolution. Support our campaign and help us bring the Universal Allen Key to workshops and toolboxes around the world

The Road Ahead: Charting the Course for the Universal Allen Key

We’re on the cusp of a breakthrough with the Universal Allen Key, and our path forward is as innovative as the tool itself. Here’s how we’re turning our vision into reality:

Precision Prototyping: Leveraging industrial-grade additive and SLS 3D printers, we’ll bring our design to life with unparalleled precision, experimenting with a variety of materials to perfect the two opposite nib ends and the handle.

Rigorous Testing: Our nibs and handle will undergo extensive stress and strain tests. We’re not just testing to meet standards; we’re pushing to the point of destruction. This will ensure that our design isn’t only safe but also the strongest it can possibly be.

Selective Perfection: From the multitude of designs, we’ll handpick the top three based on performance and material quality. These will be sent for rigorous testing by regulatory bodies to secure the necessary certifications.

Help Us Bring Our Innovative Tool to Life!

We’re on the brink of revolutionizing the way you work with tools, but we need your support to make this dream a reality. Our project is ready to leap from the drawing board to your hands, and here’s how your contribution will help us get there:

Further Research and Development: £5,000 To refine our design and ensure it meets your needs, we’re investing in additional R&D. This is where innovation begins!

Product Testing and Test Nibs: £10,000 Quality is our top priority. This fund will cover extensive testing to guarantee our product’s reliability and durability.

Office Space: £5,000 A dedicated space for our passionate team to collaborate and bring their best ideas to life.

Legal Fees and Patents: £10,000 Protecting our innovation is essential. This will cover the costs of patents and NDAs to safeguard our and your interests.

Regulatory Testing and Certification: £15,000 Your safety is paramount. We’re allocating funds for independent regulatory testing and certification to meet the highest standards.

Retail Production, Packaging, and First 5,000 Allen Keys: £10,000 The final step before our tool lands in your toolbox. This includes manufacturing, packaging, and the initial batch of our revolutionary allen keys.

Total Funding Goal: £55,000

Every contribution brings us one step closer to transforming the tool industry. Join us on this journey and be part of the innovation

Exclusive Early Access: Our top 400 contributors will get an exclusive first look, putting the Universal Allen Key to the test in real-world scenarios and they will also receive and keep a limited edition tool one testing starts.

Launch to the World: After fine-tuning based on feedback, we’ll roll out the Universal Allen Key to both industry professionals and the public, setting a new standard in tool efficiency and design.

Risks & Challenges

Market Acceptance: Convincing potential customers to try a new product can be difficult, especially if it requires changing established habits or preferences.

Competition: Established competitors may already have a strong foothold in the market, making it challenging for a new entrant to gain visibility and market share.

Cost Overruns: Developing a new product often involves unforeseen expenses, which can lead to budget overruns and financial strain.

Supply Chain Issues: Sourcing materials and managing production can be complex, and disruptions in the supply chain can delay product launch.

Quality Control: Ensuring consistent quality during mass production is crucial. Defects or failures can damage reputation and consumer trust.

Regulatory Compliance: Meeting industry standards and regulations is mandatory. Non-compliance can result in fines and setbacks.

Marketing and Sales Strategy: A strong marketing plan is essential to generate interest and drive sales. Without effective marketing, even the best products can fail.

Post-Sale Support: Providing customer service and support can be resource-intensive but is necessary to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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