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by Positive News in London

We did it
On 8th July 2015 we successfully raised £262,922 with 1526 investors in 30 days

Positive News is launching a Community Share Offer. This is your chance to become one of our owners and help change the news for good.

by Positive News in London

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barcelaba 8th July 2015

I had a connection with Shauna Crockett-Burrows giving her some help as she was setting up a charity based around Positive News twenty years ago. Now nice to be a shareholder after all those years.

1ngi 8th July 2015

Had a subscription for several years - couldn't be more pleased that you are doing this - really believe in what you are doing. I started buying Positive News for mental health reasons because I care about stuff but main media so negative-drama-biased. (Kept in the loo for daily sanity boosts!) There is so much amazing stuff going on in the world right now and it should be reported. All the love and luck to you. You guys rock.

rooticles 8th July 2015

Positive News has always been a great source of positive stories about our national and international institutions. keep up the good work!

NatalieKimEllis 8th July 2015

We are Natalie and Kim Ellis co-owners of The Joinery www.thejoinery.co.za from South Africa. We create ethical organic and slow fashion and believe that more positive stories will uplift communities. We are proud to be a part of Positive News. Perhaps you can write a story about our the positive impact we are having on our local communities. :)

tomogreenwood 8th July 2015

Congratulations guys! Very excitied about this project and hopefully we will bump into each other some day at the hub in London. We're at Hub Westminster. - Vineeta & Tom @eatwholegrain

sarahdonnellyandhannahwylie 8th July 2015

Great concept to share positive news in the first place. Great idea to allow us to be part of it. Best of luck and we're excited to see, and feel, how this evolves. Feels pretty good already!

mariebuzzart 8th July 2015

So happy to be part of what you are doing - I have never bought shares before, I don't have much money, but what you are doing is worth it. Do us proud!

sallypeterson 8th July 2015

Really happy to invest in this and proud to have been there at the beginning as the first Art's Editor ! Many Congratulations to all of you for getting Positive News to this point and may it keep spreading solution based news and inspiring stories to empower everyone to feel they can make a difference.

chanchan 8th July 2015

Very positive to be the 1456 investor who reached the 250,000 stretch target. Looking forward to find out more happy news from you guys :-))) Chanchan

cornishriver 7th July 2015

I am sooo excited to be part of this wonderful project and thanks to FB and our connections! Good luck and yay. More Positive News!!!

chloe.goodchild 7th July 2015

Dear Positive News Team, Having supported Positive News for many years, I am so happy that it will at last be on the strong foundations that it so deserves now to continue evolving and expanding its true values worldwide. Every success and fulfilment with this inspiring vision. Chloe Goodchild, founder The Naked Voice Website: www.thenakedvoice.com

roseakroyd 7th July 2015

Thanks for swimming against the mainstream media tide and putting all that good stuff out into the world - very happy to help in any way I can - Rose

deekyne 7th July 2015

This is the way to do it friends - roll the good stuff out keep the good energy flowing . Well done to all the investors we can all make the difference working together . Well done to the team and the visionaries! One Love Dee- earthrightswalker.org

lifechoices 7th July 2015

I first heard of Positive News 14 years ago on the Satya Sai Education in Human Values Program. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of something upholding those human values of Love, Truth, Peace, Right Action and Non-Violence. Good Luck All. Keep up the Good work!!!

edwinb 7th July 2015

Positive News has made a big difference to my life and how positive I feel about what is possible in the world. I think we have the potential to change the world with media like this!

sue.clark 7th July 2015

So glad to be a part of this - thanks so much for providing the opportunity to share things positively, and to recognise that there is so many good things happening, and such a capacity for love in us all.

davidchabeaux 7th July 2015

The only way sustainably change things is with positivity, love and peace. There is so much joy in the world and you guys ensure it gets shared. Well done. It's a pleasure to support you.

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£50 Investment

FRIEND: 50 shares in Positive News

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£100 Investment

TWEETER: 100 shares in Positive News + a personal tweet of thanks from our editor @seandaganwood

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£150 Investment

SHARER: 150 shares in Positive News + 2 #OwnTheMedia t-shirts (100% organic cotton)

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CELEBRATOR: 250 shares in Positive News + 1 ticket to our exclusive re-launch party in London!

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COVER STAR: 1000 shares in Positive News + a personalised front page printed on an A2 poster!

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BRAIN PICKER: 5000 shares in Positive News + a half day private consultation session with our team about your media or community project (anywhere in the UK)!

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£7,500 Investment

BREAKFASTER: 7500 shares in Positive News + a private breakfast for up to 10 people with our patron Martyn Lewis CBE and editor Seán Dagan Wood, at a highly exclusive London venue!

£10,000 or more

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£10,000 Investment

GUEST EDITOR: 10,000 shares in Positive News + be our guest editor for one edition! You'll experience the production process and help choose our content.

£15,000 or more

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£15,000 Investment

COOPERATOR: 15,000 shares in Positive News + guest edit an issue of Positive News + private breakfast with our editor Seán Dagan Wood and patron Martyn Lewis CBE, followed by an exclusive consultancy session with our team about your organisation or project's communications strategy

£20,000 or more

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HEADLINER: 20,000 shares in Positive News + meet the team at our HQ, receive a private tuition session in constructive journalism or writing, and exclusive dinner with our patron Martyn Lewis CBE and editor Seán Dagan Wood

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£75 Investment

WEARER: 75 shares in Positive News + one #OwnTheMedia T-shirt (100% organic cotton)

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CLUB OF 100: 100 shares in Positive News + your name highlighted on the special Club of 100 investors list in print and online!

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£125 Investment

TASTER: 125 shares in Positive News + a Divine chocolate tasting kit. **Exclusive reward, only 1 available!**

£125 or more

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£125 Investment

CHEF: 125 shares in Positive News + an organic hamper from Suma Wholefoods. **Exclusive final-day reward, only 1 available!**

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£200 Investment

SURPRISER: 200 shares in Positive News + a secret gift!

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£2,500 Investment

LISTENER: 2500 shares in Positive News + a guest lecture by our editor, Seán Dagan Wood (anywhere in the UK)!

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