Positive News for the NHS

by Positive News in London, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 28th May 2020 we successfully raised £16,015 with 538 supporters in 34 days

Let's get copies of Positive News magazine to NHS staff and hospitals nationwide, to support the wellbeing of healthcare workers

by Positive News in London, England, United Kingdom

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Sara Dennis 28th May 2020

You magazine is helping to keep me positive not only about the wonderful things still happening in this world and the people who help make it happen. It also supports journalist who want to make a difference in a positive kind way X

Clare ridley 27th May 2020

Enjoy. Take some time out to reassure yourself that there is a silver lining. Know that people out there live and value you. Clare from Oxford

trina hardiman 27th May 2020

I really hope that this magazine brings a bit of optimism into your life, and helps you spread love to our fellow humans. Thank you for all that you do.

Irene MacLeod 27th May 2020

Well done Positive News for thinking of doing this and well done frontline workers for doing what you're doing. We hope you have time to read some lovely stories i Positive News to give you heart and hope to carry on.

Polly Ravenscroft 27th May 2020

Reading Positive News actually alters how you can feel, to know of the good in the world brings hope and belief that we can get through the difficult times :)

Mustafa Sami 27th May 2020

I subscribe to Positive News and in troubled times it is like a breath of fresh air - 100% inspirational. We need it in every GP Surgery Waiting Room.

rebecca artmonsky 27th May 2020

Positive News is the most wonderful publication - creating a vision of a brighter future and showing the best side of human beings. Very pleased to support this wonderful initiative.

Charmain Lee 25th May 2020

Lots of love, virtual hugs, and positive energy to all NHS staff. Thank you so much for everything you have done for us!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation

£48 or more

Supercharge the staff

16 x Positive News magazine copies sent to NHS workers. These copies could bring respite to each doctor and nurse at a GP practice

£9 or more

Prescribe some inspiration

3 x Positive News magazine copies sent to NHS workers

£24 or more

Give a lift

8 x Positive News magazine copies sent to NHS workers. That's enough copies to share around a staff rest area

£105 or more

Positive Nightingale

35 x Positive News magazine copies sent to NHS workers. This covers the equivalent of five copies being distributed to each of the seven temporary NHS Nightingale hospitals

£300 or more

Hospital of hope

100 x Positive News magazine copies sent to NHS workers. That's enough copies to inspire a frontline team

£750 or more

Community spirit

750,000 people have signed up for the NHS volunteer army – triple the number called for by the government. Go beyond expectation and add to this community spirit, with 250 copies of Positive News magazine for NHS workers

£1,948 or more

Founders' inspiration

1948 was the founding year of the NHS. Choosing this option will enable 650 copies of Positive News magazine to be distributed to NHS workers – enough to bring some psychological respite to a whole hospital staff

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