Pomegranate Seeds - short film

by Pomegranate Seeds - short film in Falmouth, Cornwall, United Kingdom

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A short queer love story between a vampire & a human with an animated twist! Made by film Master’s students at Falmouth University!

by Pomegranate Seeds - short film in Falmouth, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Pomegranate Seeds follows a vampire who is constantly being set up on dates by her dear friend Cupid. The film intertwines a stylized live-action film with animation, creating an innovative and exciting new film!

The story!

Young vampire, Blythe, has a history of being bad at love, but her best friend Cupid is desperate to play matchmaker. When finally, Cupid finds her a perfect match, Blythe has to make a decision. Will she continue to kill to survive and risk losing Sophia, or will she make a huge change in order to keep her around?

The characters!

Blythe is a 26-year-old vampire. She is willowy and cool, an unstoppable force. She’s funny and measured and can have a bit of a temper. She doesn’t have many friends, only really her animated bestie Cupid. She doesn’t speak to her family as when she turned into a vampire at 16, they were horrified, so Blythe left and moved to live by the sea. She’s lived alone for nearly ten years, but she isn’t lonely, instead content in her quiet life. It isn’t clear how she became a vampire.

She loves and embraces the gothic vampire aesthetic, but hers is a little softer. Her favourite colour is red and she drinks blood to survive, usually killing men who have done something to piss her off, having killed every man Cupid has set her up with so far. It’s unclear whether these men treated her poorly, or if she just has no interest in men and found it easier to view them as a menu due to a lack of emotional connection. She doesn’t need to eat or drink anything other than human blood, but she can and she sometimes does to keep up appearances in public. She loves coffee, not for the taste but because it keeps her warm. She frequents her local coffee shop, mainly for the sense of routine it gives her, but also for the thrill of antagonizing the meek, middle-aged barista or finding new prey. She doesn’t care much about keeping the vampire thing a secret, but she’s reluctant to tell Rosalie in case she sees her differently.

Sophia is a 25-year-old student nurse. She cares a lot about helping others and has very strong morals. She is kind, sweet, and very popular, surrounded by friends and family who love her dearly. She lives with her best friend Jenna. She’s a constant positive light for everyone around her and her sunny disposition matches her colourful dress sense. She grew up in Cornwall and wasn’t always as happy as she is now, she used to be teased in school, not quite bullied, but judged for her chirpiness and quirky clothes. In her late teens, she began to understand herself and her sexuality, finding herself only after leaving school and attending college. She’s comfortable with herself and knows exactly who she is and what she likes, never really struggling with insecurity. She is easygoing and finds it very easy to speak to new people and do new things. She loves to create in her free time and is always learning a new craft. She also loves to read. She wants the world to be perfect and cares massively about social justice and diminishing old and outdated views. She hates to see people get hurt and would do anything for the people she loves.

Cupid is an animated character in their mid-20s. Cupid is Blythe’s best friend and a play on the existing ideas of Cupid. They use they/she pronouns. They love Blythe and just want all of their friends to be happy in love, despite not necessarily having their own partner or love life. They are exasperated by Blythe, always killing off her dates, but once Cupid notices a pattern in the victims, they try setting her up with Sophia and find it to be a great success.

Cupid’s character design is a cartoony play on Cupid, similar to Kewpie and the care bears. They are bouncy and bubbly with a messy desk and stylized office in the clouds - a lot of pastel colours, pinks, and reds!

Who are we? 

The Pomegranate Seeds team is a women-led production, with a cast and crew from a range of backgrounds. Throughout the history of film and television, so many talented individuals have been overlooked when it comes to opportunities, so to have a women-led project with a diverse crew is super exciting!

Furthermore, when making a film about a queer relationship between two women, authenticity is important, no matter how outlandish the concept of the film may be! Avoiding the perpetuation of harmful stereotypes is something we feel passionately about, so when crewing and casting, it was important to us to have a diverse crew with different identities and sexualities to give our story the authenticity it deserves!

Pomegranate Seeds is a love story with many moving parts, a queer relationship, physical intimacy and animation, intricate sets, and sensitive moments, therefore, we have to have a crew that are both talented and passionate, and respectful of the story. With any form of intimacy within the film, a team that we can trust and that will keep one another safe on set is crucial.

We have gathered a crew of incredible and talented individuals whose previous work has been amazing and we're so excited to introduce them to you!


Representation in the media is so important! As the next generation of filmmakers, our team is striving to make the changes in the industry and content that we’ve needed for decades! The director (and the crew!) feels very passionately about representation, especially queer female representation, and that was a huge contributing factor when she wrote and began the journey of Pomegranate Seeds, which is at the very heart, about two young women, with very different pasts, who despite all odds, fall in love and work to overcome a huge difference to make it work! We want to add to the ever-growing pool of LGBTQ+ stories and content, and we feel that Pomegranate Seeds is just what’s needed!

Budget Breakdown

Transport - We will be transporting kit to and from locations and we want to ensure that fuel cost is covered as well as any travel expenses by crew and cast.

Props - Props will be a huge part of the film as it is a very stylistic project. The majority of the props will be manufactured by our production designer but some will be bought. The materials for prop making were also taken into consideration when considering the film's budget.

Costume -  Just like props, costumes will play a major part in our film's final look. Our very talented costume designer has already started working on these and part of the funds raised will help us make sure we can secure the materials needed for their construction.

Catering - No one likes working long hours and having no food or drinks available. Meeting our budget goal will ensure that our crew and cast are fed nutritious food and well-hydrated throughout the shoot. 

Contingency - Although our producer likes to be prepared for anything that can happen no one can know what the future has in store and what unaccounted issues may arise. A small percentage of the funds will be saved so that if any unforeseen circumstances happen we can still be certain that we can deliver a film that we are proud of.

Festivals - Once the film is finalized we would love to get it out into the world and showcase our project to various festivals where we feel that the film will succeed. Many of these film festivals, however, have a submission fee. When budgeting for the film we have allocated a portion of the funds towards festival submission so we can make sure the world will get to see our film.


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