Poetry in the Living Room - short film fundraiser

by PITLR Crew in Falmouth, England, United Kingdom

Poetry in the Living Room - short film fundraiser

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A 10-minute experimental film that blends a variety of media into a single piece, representing personal details in the style of a letter.

by PITLR Crew in Falmouth, England, United Kingdom

A note from the director

For my final-year piece, I am challenging myself to a new position as a director of my own hugely collaborative experimental film. Using a subject that I regularly seek inspiration from, nostalgic experiences, I am creating a filmic letter consisting of five different media sequences, each telling, or retelling, a story through craft and skill. Following a string of unscripted dialogue, key objects live vicariously through artistic renditions; a lift-the-flap book based on a childhood favourite, a stop-motion sequence inspired by Polly-Pocket dolls, a surrealist collage blending archival family photos with contemporary landscape photography, embroidered fabrics detailing books and a bedroom sequence tying all of the themes and objects explored in the film together. 

Meet our crew

Unlike a lot of experimental films, this project has a large crew involved to ensure all aspects are achieved to high standards. 

Director | Writer | Editor

Brooke Sandwell

1704738611_picture_1.png-1.pngBrooke has two years of editing experience and has previously studied experimental film, which is her driving force for taking on a directorial role for a project she has created. She works hardest when it is for a cause she is passionate about.


Jonathan Geach

1704738678_picture_1.png-5.pngJonathan is producing Poetry in the Living Room. He was drawn to the innocence and intimacy of the interaction portrayed in this film, believing that it's the type of film that a lot of people could find comfort and joy in.

Production Designer

Cat Cusack

1704738707_picture_1.png-3.pngCat specialises in prop and set design. She joined the Poetry in the Living Room crew to help visualise the film letter and is eager to create personal designs drawn from the director’s life, onscreen.

Director of Photography

Tom Churchill

1704738727_picture_1.png-4.pngTom is a passionate cinematographer who is driven by the director's vision and committed to authentically translating a personal letter into a visually compelling narrative. Tom thrives when collaborating with a skilled team, enabled in a safe and creative environment. 

Sound designer | Foley Artist

Oliver Richards

1704738747_picture_1.png-6.pngOliver keeps very busy working as the head of sound for a lot of different university projects. Since studying, his focus has been on sound design both on set and in post-production. Oliver wishes to continue developing his sound skills, especially because he has grown to enjoy them.


Lewis Norden

1704738774_picture_1.png-8.pngLewis is a stop-motion animator, extremely passionate, and will gladly take up any opportunity.  He wanted to work on the project as he thought it was a unique and interesting idea, as well as getting to practice his skills.


Niamh Benee

1704738786_picture_1.png-7.pngNiamh has been drawing since the age of five and finds inspiration from her interests in reading and video games. She loves to illustrate and is planning a career in illustrating books after university.

VFX Artist

August Goff

1704738807_picture_1.png-2.pngAugust is the VFX supervisor for Poetry in the Living Room. He’s really looking forward to working on this project as he’s done a lot of experimental work in the past and enjoys the challenge of telling stories in unconventional ways.

Since the nature of the film requires very little in terms of material, I am pleased to say that we only need a modest budget of £250, which will be divided across the production design expenses. Your funding will allow us to buy all the materials to make things like the stop-motion puppets, set backgrounds, professionally printing the lift-the-flap book, etc. 


We appreciate any donation towards this film and your generosity will be rewarded.

  • Donations between £10-£25 = name credited in the film
  • Donations between £25-£50 = a handmade gift and name credited in the film 
  • Donations above £50 = Specified credited name as executive producer of the film and a handmade gift

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