Podrick the Labradoodle’s amputation fund

by [email protected] in Liphook, England, United Kingdom

Podrick the Labradoodle’s amputation fund

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Pod finally had surgery to correct this congenital leg deformity. We are raising money to help fund the £1500 bill.

by [email protected] in Liphook, England, United Kingdom

Pod is amazing. He’s a 14 month old labradoodle who was born with congenital cataracts and a leg deformity. He has consistently been able to adapt to being blind and we have managed his excruciating leg condition with medication from the vet and specialist. After waiting for him to be considered fully grown, and seeing his rapid decline with his coping, we made the inevitable decision following the vets advice, to have his leg amputated. The bill now sits at £1500 which we have paid, but being on a very limited income, we have found this has had a massive impact. Pods human dad is a Nurse and I work intermittently from home as we have a young family. We are all struggling currently due to the pandemic, but if you can spare a few pennies, or just share this cause with your friends, We’d be most thankful. This condition wasn’t covered by his insurance so it’s all down to us and both his congenital conditions were unknown to us when he came home. We love him even more than we thought possible and his spirit to get up and get on with it is enviable. After a challenging night post surgery, he is up and able to balance to hop to the garden for a wee, and is eating. He’s such an amazing dog! Thank you all for your time and help.

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