Podhubs: temporary shelters with a lasting effect

by Jonathan Hunt and Tony Parraman in Long Ashton, England, United Kingdom

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Help us continue our journey from scale model to prototype so we can start offering refuge fast to those who need it most.

by Jonathan Hunt and Tony Parraman in Long Ashton, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 22nd July 2020 we'd raised £1,331 with 15 supporters in 63 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Imagine not having the most basic of needs, a roof over your head, this is the reality for so many

The need for temporary shelters is vast; humanitarian crisis, natural disasters and forced displacement leave countless people without this most basic of needs. 

The current economic challenges and uncertainty about the future, as we battle with the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, will no doubt force more into homelessness.

Tents are widely used to address the need for temporary shelters but what if there was a more robust, secure, solution? Podhubs is developing a shelter with the feel and comfort of a more permanent structure but the ease to store, transport and speed to assemble of tent alternatives.

Supporting the front line so they can support us

We also need to think about those on the front line who work so hard to protect and care for us when a crisis hits.

Working long shifts and facing the challenge of returning to loved ones, with the risk of cross contamination, they themselves may be in need of temporary accommodation. This could be simply setting up shelters in vacant car parks, close to work, giving the opportunity for rest and security between shifts.

We cannot provide a solution to the problems which leave so many without shelter, but we do hope to be part of a team supporting those in need and anyone on the front line working to protect them.

What is a Podhubs temporary shelter?

  • Reusable, flat-pack, fast-install shelters which are easy to transport in situations which require a rapid response.
  • Made from aluminium and recycled plastic board, powered by solar energy, providing heating, lighting and USB charging and with an option for water collection and basic plumbing.


  • Full protection from the elements, wind and waterproof.
  • Configured for specific functions, such as living, sleeping, cooking, toilets or showers and arranged to create combined units.
  • Easily and cheaply supplied to festivals, construction sites and exhibitions or as a basic home working solution.

For a more detailed description of the Podhubs temporary shelter visit our website at: www.podhubs.co.uk

Our journey and what your donation would mean 

Podhubs has developed a scale model of the shelter testing different materials and looking at key factors such as thermal insulation, heating, solar generation, durability, dismantling and reassembly. 


This version is for small scale people only!

With this campaign we are seeking funding to build a full-size prototype of the basic single width sleeping shelter. This shelter can be adapted to accommodate up to 4 beds (2 lower and 2 upper fold away bunks) but the initial prototype shelter will be 1 to 2 berth with a fold-away bed and inbuilt storage trunk. The full-scale prototype will incorporate all the lessons learnt from the scale model.

Podhubs is a UK company, based in Bristol, and is the brain child of two engineers eager to put their combined 50 years in engineering to good use.  


Tony Parraman 

Tony has worked in a variety of roles, firmly based in designing and making. He has run his own business and has a keen social conscience. Working in the field of sponsorship for Bloodhound LSR, he worked with numerous high-profile companies, raising funds to achieve many mile stones for the project. Podhubs represents a great opportunity to make an impact in many different areas.

Jonathan Hunt 

An extremely experienced and passionate design engineer, over the years Jon has worked on submarines, space planes and land speed record cars. His years of design and practical experience means he knows how to take a project from conception to completion and not just scheme an unachievable fancy image.

Our mission

To design a product which will have minimal impact on our planet and provide shelter to those who need it most.


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