Plogging for a future without knife crime

by M Lobo in London, England, United Kingdom

Plogging for a future without knife crime
We did it
On 10th October 2020 we successfully raised £107 with 6 supporters in 20 days

I want to see Walthamstow nurture its communities when they need the most, and #BuidBackBetter for a future without knife crime.

I am plogging (jogging and litter picking) on our Waltham Forest amazing green spaces to support a very worthy local organisation – Project Zero Waltham Forest.

They need our support for a future where there are zero deaths from knife crime.

I have two young daughters growing up in this wonderful community and I want that future for them.

Project zero work with the most disadvantaged young people in our borough - those most badly impacted by the pandemic - by giving them a safe space and support. (more information on Project Zero:

Either because you like the idea of cleaner green spaces or stronger communities, please donate.

I will be posting pictures of my progress towards a 25km target (the length of London’s new #SuperSewers, being built by Tideway, the company I work for). Tideway's #makeadifference campaign was what inspired me to to do something for my local community. 

I will also be putting putting a couple of things on Walthamstow sell and swap to revert towards Project Zero. 

Do get in touch if you want to get involved in some way - I'd love to chat with you.

Thank you for your support. #makeadifference

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