by [email protected] in London, England, United Kingdom

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My cancer is spreading fast and I urgently need treatment.

by [email protected] in London, England, United Kingdom

My lucky life

My name is Helen Munro. I’m 39 years old and have two beautiful children; Lola who’s 5 and Lupe, who's 3. I married the love of my life and we celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary this year. All sounds pretty good right?

A sudden change in luck

Sadly in August 2017, I discovered a lump in my breast. Five days later I was at my GP’s and soon afterwards I had an ultrasound. I was so sure it wasn’t going to be anything serious - but then I was told I needed a Mammogram and biopsy. I had them that day before going home to wait for the results.

A devastating cancer diagnosis

When I returned to the clinic a few days later I was told the biopsy had tested positive for breast cancer which had already spread to my lymph nodes. After numerous tests and scans, I was told two weeks later that it had spread to my bones and my cancer was now Stage 4, meaning that it was incurable. I was devastated.

The fightback begins

I immediately began researching and made huge changes to my diet and lifestyle. I was transferred to St Bart's Hospital and began receiving treatment as part of a trial. It involved a combination of injections and oral chemotherapy and was heralded as ’the closest thing to a cure’.

More bad luck

Unfortunately within a year the new treatment stopped working and I found out my cancer had spread to my liver. I was removed from the trial and decided to take a break from chemo to explore alternative treatments for a few months. Unfortunately they didn’t help and my tumours grew again. 

My painful uphill struggle

I am now receiving oral chemotherapy which is causing numerous side effects. I suffer with unbearable pain, nausea and fatigue, and am not responding well. I have exhausted my options on the NHS, but by going privately would be able to receive more effective treatment.

Another chance to fight

Through our amazing network of friends and family, we have been connected with a team of doctors in the USA and Germany who work in a totally personalised way. Patients on this programme are having amazing results. The doctors examine your cancer at DNA level, then prescribe highly-targeted treatments, including personalised immunotherapy. It is clear now that this is what I need in order to try and control my cancer - and with your help I can start as soon as possible.

But at an impossible cost

Unfortunately, none of the treatment I need is available on the NHS, so we need to raise a significant amount of money to cover the cost - somewhere in the region of £100,000.

Please donate, and help me live longer

We managed to cover the initial costs with the help of friends and family, but we’ve now used up all our resources. Our last remaining option is to reach far and wide to raise the money. I’m desperate to try and improve my quality of life, extend my life, or even find a cure. I want to be around to see my children grow up, to create memories for them, and to grow old with my amazing husband. So if you can, please make a donation, for me and my family. It would mean the world to us.

If you’re not able to donate, please share

Even if you can’t afford to donate yourself, I’d be so grateful if you could share this with anyone you think may be willing or able to help by clicking the buttons below my photo at the top of the page.

To everyone who helps - thank you so much

My life is literally in your hands. Every single penny will be gratefully received, appreciated and put to good use. Thank you so much for your support.

All my love, Helen xxx

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