Please help my family escape Gaza

by Kirsty Fayeq in Mold, Wales, United Kingdom

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My family is trapped in Gaza. They have to pay an extortionate fee to flee the war. It's extortionate and we need your help

by Kirsty Fayeq in Mold, Wales, United Kingdom


Hello everyone,

My name is Kirsty. I am fortunate enough to live in the UK, which is safe and not destroyed. My family are not safe. They are trapped inside Gaza. There is no safe place. 

Why do I need your help? 

I started this fundraiser to help my family escape Gaza. Hassan Fayeq is my family, he was due to return to the UK in November 2023. He went to visit family and this turned into a living nightmare. Hassan has now taken responsibility for his niece, Layla. Her father was martyred and she has no one else, who is healthy enough to care for her. She is a princess who is only a toddler, living every day in fear. She does not have a childhood. She wants to play with toys and go outside to explore, like any other toddler. This is not how her life is. 

Towards the beginning of the war, my family's house in Beit Lahia was destroyed by an airstrike. The Israeli forces destroyed the neighbourhood in one day. Everything we knew has been reduced to rubble. 


They were displaced to Khan Yunis, by foot and in the cold, walking 7 hours in what was said was a 'safe corridor'. This was not safe. They witnessed horrors only in nightmares. Upon reaching Khan Yunis they stayed close to Nasser hospital. This was until they were told to move again. This time the place of displacement was to West Rafah. 

They spent the winter months living in tents with no access to warmth, food or clean drinking water. Tents were flooded and the area was inhabitable. There was no where else to go. 

In the last few weeks they were told to move again. Displaced again back to Khan Yunis, having to uproot and leave. There was no contact. Internet was disconnected. Khan Yunis has been destroyed in a devastating way. They were told to head to Al Mawasi area. 

They had to leave to try and survive. 

Hassan has tried to do everything to keep both of them safe. He has tried everything to get out of Gaza. They don't have any other nationality so they are trapped in a prison where death is imminent. 

Rafah Border

There is only one way out of Gaza and that is through the Rafah border. It is not simply just walk through. They have to pay an extortionate fee to be able to survive. Before the war they would pay £277 to cross the border. Now they charge £5000 for an adult and £2500 for a child. There is no one to stop them hiking the price so they charge what they want. 

They exploit the fear that the Palestinians have to make a profit. The link below explains all.

Their names will be placed on a list and only once their names are called, will they be allowed to leave war torn Gaza. People are trapped in a war with no money and no way to escape. They will pay cash to the co-ordinator who will help them leave through the Rafah border. 

My family

They fled with a prepacked bag with documents and a spare change of clothes. They could only take what they could carry. They was no transport. I want to be able to get them both to safety and be able to provide a better life for them. I want Layla to be able to play, go to school and know that the world is not a bad place. That she is safe and loved. We could never replace her parents, but we would love and support as our own. I have children here and I couldn't imagine them growing up with a life of fear and pain. 

I have contacted all the relevant authorities in the UK, but to no avail. I have tried everything to get them to safety but I need your help. 

I don't want their last day to be in Gaza. I hope that with your help I can get them to safety. Get them to Egypt. 

I highly appreciate any donation, even a small amount helps. If you are unable to donate then please share this with everyone, so hopefully they can help us become a family again. 

Thank you to everyone! This would mean the world to us! Thank you! 

This is what was our house, Khan Yunis now and Rafah. 




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