Please help me raise money for legal costs 🙏🏾

by Donte Ragan in Redruth, England, United Kingdom

Please help me raise money for legal costs 🙏🏾

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My aim is to be able to stay supporting my family and I’d also like to potentially reduce the 10 route. I’ve been in Cornwall for 23+ years!

by Donte Ragan in Redruth, England, United Kingdom

My name is Donte. Used to be Spillane, I changed this because of how challenging my adoptive parents made life for me. Last name is now Ragan but with the name change, everyone but the Home Office have updated as I had requested. The home office have always got to keep changing things without updating us but to also take months for a decision. With their laws in place aswell, this does affect lives, it affects mental health, it affects views on freedom.

My name is Donte and I am a Town Cllr for Camborne. Elected in October last year. I try to do the best I can for the community. My area of work is in progression. I help people access funding and I can support them with my expertise to achieve what they may never thought they could have ever done. That makes me proud but what makes me prouder is seeing the people I support go on to succeed and learn how to progress themselves.

The government have updated the terms of visas for how much you should be earning annually. It has gone up from 18K+ to now 29K+. On top of this when you renew you have to pay a health surcharge which, from my exoerience, is way over 2.5K. Just to renew! Just so you are aloud to work. You know pay taxes still with the hope that after a certain amount of years of this will lead to you being able to apply for citizenship. It’s different for different types of visas. It’s a very wide topic!
It is also a very unfair system. I’m in a 19 year route and I am adopted from a country the UK is supposed to be allies with. Whereas other nationalities can get different visas and only have to do a 5 year route.

it has not always been like this! I used to be able to work without ID. I’ve been aloud to stay in this country all this time, from my experience, the gov have been making it more and more difficult each year.

Soon we’ll be told that if you were not born here then you shouldn’t be aloud here at this rate , unless your from so and so nationalities.

The point of the crowdfunder:

Now I need to raise quite a chunk of money so that before my visa expires I can cover the costs(if I meet the criteria). I need to go down this route as I know I won’t meet the terms of or to be able to afford this every 2 and a half years. I am starting to have enough of this really but then again when did I ever enjoy this when I found out what I had to do?
The solicitors will do what they can to make sure I get out in a route that will guarantee a better more comfortable route to gain citizenship.

My home is here.

Please help me.
Thankyou for reading and donating if you did.

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