The UK’s first disco travelling van!

by PLAY TONE in London, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 17th November 2019 we successfully raised £17,943 with 200 supporters in 39 days

We are raising funds to buy, refurbish and kit out the ultimate travelling disco van. We will tour the UK to encourage the nation to play!

by PLAY TONE in London, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

WOW! How amazing we are reaching for our next target...

Please help us reach our dream goals! 

With this extra money, we have HUGE plans...

1. We will be able to buy a good sound system so that we can have larger events in bigger spaces especially outside while on the tour. 

2. We will add more locations around the UK onto the tour.

2. We plan to open our PLAY TONE community charity. This charity will sustain the UK tour annually not just for 2020!

This extra money will help us raise the funds to put all of this into action. Please help us push even more! 

Join the revolution! 



We are PLAY TONE, an alternative fitness playground. Roller skate, hula hoop, jump rope and stretch classes, courses, workshops and events are our specialty. All ages, levels welcome. We are driven by the theory that ‘adding play to your day’ can improve your physical and mental well being. 

We were motivated to start because we recognised modern-day life can be stressful and demanding not finding enough time to laugh and play. Our activities are rooted in getting people moving and changing the just 'go to the gym' attitude. We are living in a society that is living longer but with more health issues from obesity, muscle pains (from too much stagnant desk action) to stress and anxiety. The joy of Play Tone is that working out doesn't feel like a chore. Our activities are super fun, people build relationships, grow in confidence, learn new skills and gives a fresh and creative approach to working out. Play Tone is a lifestyle. 

Our mission is to buy, refurbish and kit out the ultimate disco travelling van so that we can tour the nation and help the world unleash their inner child! Our vision for our new PLAY TONE van is to empower communities everywhere to come together, make friends, laugh, get and keep fit and play!

It has not been smooth sailing! We have definitely had our fair share of bumps along the way.

  • We have had equipment stolen and sold on eBay.
  • Equipment being damaged.
  • Storage fees for equipment are sky high! 
  • We can only run PLAY TONE in one studio at a time because we have one set-up of kit. A huge amount of equipment is needed and each set-up is very pricey. 
  • Travel is a big issue. When travelling with our equipment, we have had taxies refuse us and we cannot travel long distances.
  • We have had inquiries from as far as Edinburgh to Wales we are unable to deliver Play Tone activities due to transport issues and only having one set-up of kit. 

Our students are constantly saying that they want PLAY TONE near them and one location is always far away for someone else! We need more kit so we can have multiple venues for our regular classes. 

  • We acknowledge that it is incredibly hard to open a permanent studio in London today.
  • It is a struggle not having our own transport/ storage for equipment. 
  • It is so amazing that we are in such high demand that we need even more equipment to hold various classes and events. 

Due to all these realisations we have come to a decision. There are people all over the UK who should be able to experience the joy of PLAY TONE… and so the pop-up tour of 2020 was born! 

We will coordinate workshops, events, and roller-discos in various cities. For each area we will connect with industry community leaders/ organisations/ friends in the local area, for example in Leeds, community interest group Roller Girl Gang. Some venues have already been secured and are in the planning stage such as with Dream Land Margate. We are looking to reach deprived areas across the UK and work with all people over the age of five years. The team holds professional qualifications and are fully enhanced/ DBS checked.

Our main tour sponsors are wonderful Rookie Roller Skates and fantastic Move GB - we will be looking for more kinds of support along the way!


About Obie: Worked in a full-time office job as a Designer working long hours for seven years. When she discovered hooping, it quickly became her favorite hobby and she joined a world-record hoop troupe! She has now worked as a manager/ performer and instructor in the circus/ fitness industry for seven years.

About Tinuke: Knew from a very young age that she wanted to be a performer, from creating her own shows at home, training at world-class dance schools and performing on main stages worldwide. She is now a champion for alternative fitness and has worked in various adverts, music and theatre shows such as Star Light Express over the last ten years.

About Bookings Manager and the Team: We pay our instructor's high fees as we value their dedication to learning a skill and sharing their talent/ passion with others. We also support them with their own ventures as many work freelance and some full-time and provide further opportunities for a large guest teacher network. Our Booking Manager also has child-care duties and is the engine that runs Play Tone - our members love her! 

We believe in PLAY TONE and know this is the beginning of something massive.


We need YOU to help us make our DREAMS COME TRUE. Every little will help. 

Please pledge to our campaign! 

Thank you so much for getting this far and for supporting the campaign. Please pledge either using the rewards listed or donate money just for the cause and HELP US achieve our mission!

Please get in touch on for any press or project enquiries.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£200 or more

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24 Hour SALE - One Year Unlimited Classes

24 HOUR MEGA SALE - One Year Unlimited Membership. This massive reward is back by high demand! It gives you unlimited classes only, for an entire year! But hurry, they are limited and tend to sell out! *Applies to all PLAY TONE London venues. This reward can start whenever you are ready and will run consecutively for 12months.

£10 or more

£10 Online Tutorial

If you are looking for a bit of inspiration this special beginner roller skate tutorial is the one for you! In collaboration with Tinuke's Orbit, Planet Roller Skate and Every Girl.

£15 or more

Tour Workshop Ticket

This ticket gets you a special Early Bird price for a workshop in one of our cities on the 2020 Tour. You will have the choice of Hoop, Skate or Skipping. Look up all the cities we are planning on visiting in the project page. Dates, times and locations will be emailed to you when confirmed! If you don't see a near-by location please let us know at [email protected] - we would love to find a solution and make something work for you!

£15 or more

24 Hour SALE - Bring a friend for free!

24 HOUR MEGA SALE - Bring a friend to any of our drop-in classes... FREE! This reward also includes a free sticker pack for two to collect in class!

£20 or more

4 of 5 claimed

24 Hour SALE -Special Edition PARADISE Bag (Purple

24 HOUR MEGA SALE - Perfect for the beach, the park, the world. Holds up to 4 pairs of skates with reinforced straps that won't break. Works as a backpack and also fits travel hoops. Marawa's favourite bag of all time! Made in LA. *UK Shipping only. There are only 10 available so get them while they're hot!

£40 or more

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EARLY BIRD - Roof East Group Ticket

This is a LIMITED earlybird reward. SFG (Social Fun + Games) Club presents the ultimate adult playground in Stratford Roof East, London. This ticket includes four guests and two-hour access to games including mini golf and curling! This prize is to be used before the 20/11/2019. *London. There are only five of this reward so get them while they're hot!

£40 or more

24 Hour SALE - x5 Class Pass


£60 or more

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EARLY BIRD - Private session!

This is a LIMITED earlybird ticket! You can claim this reward for anywhere in the UK. You will have a special PRIVATE session with one of our PLAY TONE founding Instructors. You can choose between either Hulahoop, Roller Skate or Jump Rope. These private sessions can either be done whilst on the Tour 2020, in London or over Skype. There are only ten of this special reward so grab them while they're hot!

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