Playing God

by jacquideevoy in London, Greater London, United Kingdom


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Exposing the sinister side of the U.K. government’s medical policies and putting an end to the death and destruction they’re causing.

by jacquideevoy in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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John Ormrod 29th June 2022

Jacqui is doing a wonderful job on bringing to the public attention, the wrong doings inside the NHS and care homes. This is why l have supported her.

Karen Holmes 25th June 2022

I’ve read the story of one of your participants, an amazing lady, who lost a very precious loved one decades ago. It will stay with me forever. The public needs know how long these terrible practices have been going on.

John Aspray 17th June 2022

I have damning evidence that Midazolam was used to hasten the death of many elderly patients in Dorset during March/April of 2020. The primary cause of death stated in many was septicemia. Only a few medical practices and care homes were involved. I shall be reporting in full in the Autumn.

Andrew Smith 3rd June 2022

Good luck with the project and thank you for the talking to us on our podcast:

Shelby BAXTER 3rd June 2022

Happy Birthday beautiful lady and thank you for continuing to fight for our Children and Elderlys Freedom and fight for humanity. Much love 💞

Williams Barbara 2nd June 2022

My husband had a life. It was deemed worthless. There was no terminal diagnosis . He was given what we now know was a lethal injection. Please help.

Jade Adams 1st June 2022

There are lies and corruption in many institutions. all these wrong doings have to exposed for us to emerge a more aware , compassionate and loving human race ,brave people are doing work to bring this change about the least anyone can do is support their efforts.

Jane Bowles 31st May 2022

Thanks for your bravery in getting the message out there. I hope you reach the target soon as this is becoming critical and it needs more of us to stand up and fight. Best of luck.

Catherine De Vere-Burt 30th May 2022

I support who ever has the ETHICS to come out and show corruption wherever it is I'm ashamed of our government I thought this only happened in countries like CHINA


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