Plastic-Free Food Dispensing

by The Olive Tree in London, England, United Kingdom

Plastic-Free Food Dispensing
We did it
On 1st August 2019 we successfully raised £3,532 with 94 supporters in 28 days

We want to be a plastic-free shop. We want to buy food dispensers so customers can fill using their own containers or plastic-free bags.

by The Olive Tree in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Our stretch target will allow us to purchase a second dispensing unit and allow us to move all our wholefoods to the zero waste dispensing unit.  

About Us

My name is Virginie, and I run The Olive Tree with my husband Costas his mum June (the 90 year Duracell battery) and my three boys Mikael, Lucas and Angelo.


After watching "Climate Change - The Facts" by David Attenborough. We realised that we really are running out of time to protect our planet and we need to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and cut our plastic waste. 

Our Vision

We want to see a flourishing clean earth, with animals and plants prospering. Free from pollution, plastic waste and where humans have a low impact on this wonderful planet. 

We are on a mission in the short term to reduce our plastic waste in our shop and be part of the plastic-free revolution. In the long term we want to be fully zero-waste. 

What we've done so far

We have now established ourselves for over 26 years, supporting a proactive and concerned community to make decisions that are better for our planet and for themselves.

We already have refillable cleaning products, loose fresh fruit and vegetables. Our cafe uses environmentally friendly coffee cups, food-trays and our juice cups are biodegradable. We also don't purchase plastic bags thanks to our "bring in and re-use your plastic bags" system. 

This is on the back of having high standard Organic food, which means our food is produced in harmony with nature without the use of pesticides and intensive farming. 

Our mission - What we want to do!

Our next step is to reduce the amount of single use plastic we use to package wholefoods. To do this we will use the money we raise to invest in food dispensing units called gravity feeders. We will store all our legumes, grains, nuts and seeds in these units allowing customers to bring in their own containers or use paper bags. This will mean the end to single use plastic on these foods and move our shop and community closer to being fully zero-waste.

The Numbers

To kickstart our project we need £2,130 to be able to purchase our first dispensing unit. This will allow us to dispense: rice, oats, various muesli and beans. 

The second £6,190 will allow us to invest in a second and third dispensing unit. This will allow us to move the rest of our wholefoods over, allowing us to dispense: Lentils, Grains, Nuts, Seeds and Dried fruit.

If we raised more then the above, we would invest this into reducing waste in other areas of the shop, like body care (shampoos, conditioners etc) as an example. 

If you believe in zero-waste in the community, then please support us in raising funds for our dispensing units. 

All our thanks!

Virginie, Costas, June and Boys

The Olive Tree 


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£5 Reward

A big thank you!

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Delicious slow pressed Juice from our menu!

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A large meal of the day in our Cafe

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Delicious slow pressed Juice from our menu and 10% off all re-fillable items on our dispensers for a month...

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Delicious slow pressed Juice, a meal from our menu and 10% off all re-fillable items from our dispensers for two month. You'll also get a "The Olive Tree" Canvas Bag

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£1000 Reward

Delicious slow pressed juice, a meal from our menu, 10% off all re-fillable items from our dispensers for three months and a "The Olive Tree" - Canvas Bag. As a special thanks for your support, we will put your name and a thank you message on our dispensing unit.

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