by Jamie Firth in Bideford, Devon, United Kingdom

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We are developing a wonderful new show to take to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August... But the upfront costs are *terrifying*.

by Jamie Firth in Bideford, Devon, United Kingdom

It's our new show Piskie! Its a belting story! It's our biggest Fringe show yet! We've got an amazing venue and timeslot! We have a PR company working on it! Our artwork is fantastic! We've hired a tech director! We've been researching it for ages! 

It's actually going to be pretty fantastic actually. There's a web-page here: https://www.boondogtheatre.com/piskie

You know what though? We have (once again) failed to qualify for any bursaries, donations or external funding/support. We like to think that this is because, coming across so professional and organised, people assume we need no help.

Well we could use a little help. The costs of Edinburgh (especially accommodation) have risen from a mere "How much?!?" just 5 years ago all the way to "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?" - It's all going to be self funded, so it's massive, huge outlay - Every single expense on the show needs to be paid up front (and it's in 5 (five) figures) before we see a penny in ticket sales (which we don't see until weeks and weeks after the festival). So horrifying.

So here we are, asking for your help. There's a lot of people out there struggling at the moment and if that's you then we want nothing but your undying love and fandom (likes and subscribes). But there are some people out there still doing well and maybe you have something to donate to ART. However much - each and every pound is one that is NOT coming out of our bank and causing us worry for the next 4 months because all these payments are leaving already.

We don't have a lot of rewards I'm afraid - Advance tickets would be fantastic, but because of how most box-offices work it's logistically a nightmare to organise. It's essentially just down to artistic benevolence. 

We'll have credits at the end of the show and online, which you will be on, but this is really just "I want to support an artist" stuff. Hopefully just coming on the journey with us as our generous patrons is reward enough.

If you are able to help us bring this show to life, our nerves intact, then we would greatly appreciate your help.


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