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by Jeff Hammond in Basildon, Essex, United Kingdom

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Football gaming with simple, addictive gameplay. Help us fund a web app and marketing campaign to bring Pick3d (Picked) to all devices.

by Jeff Hammond in Basildon, Essex, United Kingdom

Team and Experience:

Jeff Hammond


07982176581 | [email protected] / [email protected]  

I bring a unique blend of experience in football, start-ups, and large corporations, along with my background as a semi-pro footballer and member of England’s 6-a-side team. I've been developing Pick3d for the past three years, and it’s now tested and ready to launch, with interest from Paddy Power as a potential affiliate.

Professionally, I’ve worked with top brands like Disney, IBM, Pfizer, NHS, and ASOS. You can view my LinkedIn profile [here](https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeff-hammond-71746144/).

The idea for Pick3d came from my years of playing fantasy football and noticing two major pain points: leagues becoming stagnant due to poor weekly performance or missed weeks, and casual fans, particularly women, feeling excluded because of the game's complexity. Pick3d simplifies the process by focusing on picking winning teams rather than individual players, making it accessible to a broader audience.

Pick3d is focused on making predictions on the Premier League. The format of Pick3d is simple; just pick three teams each week during the season that you think will win. Once you pick a team you cannot pick that team again for a month. Even casual fans know the difference between the good teams and bad teams, Pick3d gives players an app where they can compete against hardcore fans on a more even playing field.

Fantasy Football focuses on selecting players from different teams to fit within a budget and strategically selecting the right players each week. For hardcore football fans this is exciting and understandable but for casual football fans it is difficult to compete or sometimes understand which players will get you points.

Vision Summary: Marketing Launch and Web App Development:

With the funds raised through our crowdfunding campaign, we aim to achieve two primary goals: a comprehensive marketing launch and the development of a web-based version of Pick3d.

Marketing Launch:

-Targeted Campaigns: We will execute targeted marketing campaigns to raise awareness and attract a diverse user base, focusing on football fans of all levels.

- Social Media Blitz: Leveraging social media platforms to engage with potential users through interactive content, promotions, and community building.

- Influencer Partnerships: Collaborating with influencers and football personalities to boost visibility and credibility.

- Ad Campaigns: Implementing strategic ad campaigns across popular sports websites, forums, and apps to drive downloads and engagement.

- Public Relations: Generating buzz through press releases, media coverage, and features in football-related publications.

Web App Development:

- Cross-Platform Accessibility: Developing a web-based version of Pick3d to ensure users can access the app from any device, expanding our reach and convenience.

- Enhanced User Experience: Optimizing the web app for seamless performance, intuitive navigation, and engaging gameplay.

- Scalability: Building a scalable platform that can easily integrate new features and handle a growing user base.

- Security: Ensuring robust security measures to protect user data and provide a safe gaming environment.

By strategically investing in marketing and web development, we aim to establish Pick3d as a leading name in football gaming, capturing a broad and engaged audience. Your support will help us bring this vision to life and revolutionise the way fans interact with football.

I’m available for face-to-face meetings or calls to discuss further.


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£20 or more

Bronze Reward

Tier 1: Supporter (£20) Thank You Shout-Out: Your name will be featured on our website's supporters page, showing our gratitude for your support. Exclusive Updates: Receive behind-the-scenes updates on Pick3d’s development and launch progress. Early Access: Get early access to the Pick3d app before the official launch.

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Silver Reward

Tier 2: Super Fan (£100) All Supporter Rewards: Includes all the benefits from the Supporter tier. In-App Currency Bonus: Get a bundle of virtual coins to use within the Pick3d app. Beta Tester Invitation: Be invited to join our beta testing group and provide feedback to help shape the final product.

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Gold Reward

Tier 3: VIP Backer (£100) All Super Fan Rewards: Includes all the benefits from the Super Fan tier. Exclusive VIP Badge: An exclusive in-app VIP badge to showcase your support to other players. VIP Event Access: Invitation to an exclusive online event with the Pick3d development team, where you can ask questions and get insider info. Inclusion into the first Champions League season on the app launch.

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