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by Penzance Masonic Centre - Phoenix Fund in Penzance, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Phoenix Fund


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To raise £50,000 to support a Lottery Heritage Grant Full funding will allow us to replace the roof and make the building accessible to all

by Penzance Masonic Centre - Phoenix Fund in Penzance, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Penzance freemasons have been using the Masonic Hall in Princess Street for over a 100 years.

In World War 2, the building was hit by a German bomb, however the masons at the time did not apply to the government for a grant to repair.

A legacy of over 70 years has left the roof in a poor state of repair, which now needs replacing as it is leaking and in within keeping of our Grade II listing.

In the grand scheme of refurbishment, we aim to ensure the building is accessible to all, as we are opening up the building for community groups to use that are not freemasons.

Freemasons have for 300 years raised money for local communities and for the Penzance freemasons to continue we need to invest in the building.

The money raised will help us get match funding from Lottery Heritage, the over all cost of repair / refurbishment is over £1,000,000.

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