Performing Artists Relief Fund

by CBV Productions in London, England, United Kingdom

Performing Artists Relief Fund

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The Performing Arts Relief Fund is a crowdfund set up to help performing artists that are struggling as a result of the covid-19 pandemic

by CBV Productions in London, England, United Kingdom

The Performing Arts Relief Fund is a crowdfund set up to help performing artists that are struggling as a result of the negative impact that Covid-19 is having on the entertainment sector in the UK.

The entertainment industry has, for decades, been at the forefront of charitable causes and is still repeatedly one of the first ports of call for charities looking to raise funds.  This same industry is now being abruptly paused and the UK government are still yet to provide any meaningful support to the thousands of self employed entertainers that are now looking at the prospect of months of no work and lots of financial uncertainty. 

The fund is to help provide advance payments for creative projects that will be scheduled for dates later in 2020 after the pandemic has passed.  It is not aimed at promoting the household names but it is focused on supporting as many full-time performers as possible.  

Mental health for many performers at the best of times can be a challenge and a lot of them rely on having projects to work towards.  It is my hope that this fund can help some of them regain a sense of direction and give them the motivation to stay positive while we wait for the world to return to some sense of normality.

Artists can apply for help by submitting applications to [email protected].  Submissions of any size, genre, performance based discipline are welcome.  Unfortunately submissions from students will not be considered as this is designed for full-time performers only.

When submitting please include:

 a brief outline of your project (1 performance maximum)

 relevant media links, videos, social media etc

 estimated cost of the project - please take into account paying all performers at least MU minimum rates.


Please ONLY APPLY IF YOU ARE REALLY STRUGGLING.  There are performers out there that live gig to gig and don’t have thousands of pounds worth of savings.  THIS FUND IS FOR THEM.

Due to the expected volume of submissions it may take some time to process and unfortunately only successful applicants will be contacted.

The number of projects that can be funded will depend on how well our crowdfunding  goes so please share this far and wide!!

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