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The BFC operates as a community outreach project of the church. We support an ever increasing number of members , supporting them in fighting food costs and fighting food waste. In 2023 we helped over 10,500 people access in excess of 50,000kg of donated food. With the support of a team of volunteers we offer a service whereby members can choose from a range of healthy, low cost groceries paying only £4.50 per visit. Any donation will go towards funding this much needed community initiative allowing it to continue its success as a sustainable resource.

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Borough Food Cooperative@sgtm

Who are we?

The BFC is a food hub based in the heart of Southwark. We started in 2020 as a pandemic food delivery project (Borough free fridge)and over time, as lockdowns lifted, we realised that there was a greater need for support with the cost of living. We also soon identified the huge amounts of food wasted and embarked on tying the 2 needs together to deliver a service where we were able to support people with the increasing costs of living but also to reduce the amount of food wasted by the larger community. The project offers members the opportunity to choose which foods they want , this in turn has a positive impact on our community by offering them autonomy and dignity. We promote a model of healthy eating which is delivered in a positive, friendly and inclusive environment. With our members support we have created an inclusive, welcoming space where people feel empowered and respected without judgement or prejudice. The members of the BFC have likened it to a microcosm of London society where all people from all walks of life are welcome and treated with equity.

What we did in 2023, we:

  • redistributed 50,000+kgs of surplus food destined for landfill
  • served 10,500 members
  • saw a 75% increase in our regular member visits
  • used 4600 volunteer hours
  • delivered over 450 weekly shops to vulnerable/isolated members
  • hosted Citizens Advice, Waterloo Food Bank, Alexandra Rose Charity and many others

What we want to do:

Going forward into 2024 and beyond we need to cover costs for premises and staffing as well as volunteer support. We continue to strive to deliver, develop and nurture this incredible project and it is with support from donors that we will be able to create a sustainable service that meets the needs of it's community and lessens the environmental impact of food waste.

We would like to expand the reach of the BFC by utilising the kitchen space and develop a programme of cooking and food education as well as providing meals for a community cafe space.

What we'll need to do it!

If 100 people donated £50 per month with Gift Aid we could continue to grow this community together!

With your support from donations we will be able to continue to evolve this project into a much needed, sustainable community project!1710338921_navy_and_white_modern_company_business_banner.png