Topping up the tank of the PB-Evo motorcycle forum

by PB-Evo Motorcycle Forum in Stamford, Rutland, United Kingdom

Topping up the tank of the PB-Evo motorcycle forum


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This project will only be funded if at least £1,200 is pledged by 27th January 2022 at 4:01pm

To top up funds already raised for via sales of merchandise and affiliate deals in order to keep the forum going.

by PB-Evo Motorcycle Forum in Stamford, Rutland, United Kingdom is the legacy of a motorcycle forum that was once funded by the publishing company which owned Performance Bikes magazine. It's been going for a long time, long enough for a genuine community of motorcyclists to form, and which was going to be switched off when the magazine was shut by the publisher.

The community that formed on the forum has as well as being a source of huge knowledge and passion for motorcycles, has seen births, deaths and marriages over the years of its members, not to mention the small matter of being the home of "The Longest Day Challenge" - an annual charity motorcycle ride that has raised £1/4million for Cancer Research UK in the past decade.

Now privately owned by long time contributor to Performance Bikes Magazine John McAvoy, the forum has had to find a way to stand on it's own two feet without cluttering itself up with dozens of adverts and losing one of its main appeals. Deals have been done with affiliate partners and a range of merchandise produced which just about pays the bills, and after a lot of requests from members of the forum to add a crowdfunding page so straight donations can be made, here it is !

Thanks for taking the time to learn about the forum, if you aren't a member, then please do pay it a visit and if you like what you see, take a moment to register.

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