Help pay Olly's rent while he's in prison

by Isabel Rock in London, England, United Kingdom

Help pay Olly's rent while he's in prison
We did it
On 15th December 2021 we successfully raised Β£9,405 with 232 supporters in 28 days

We desperately need to cover Olly's rent while he is in prison, also a couple of months after for him to get back on his feet.

by Isabel Rock in London, England, United Kingdom

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Joanne Clarke 27th November 2021

An anti slave activist you have my full support. The wish is that imprisonment of peaceful protesters is a thing of the past. The wish is for a society of equality and empowerment.

Mike Coote 27th November 2021

I've been looking for a way to show my support for Insulate Britain. It makes me proud to be British that people are taking this kind of action and there's not much chance of doing that these days.

Jen Kerr 25th November 2021

Thank you for standing up for our futures.. I haven't been brave enough to join the London protests yet but I will! And so excited to see 2 million of us turn out in April 22! We the people need to bring about this change as its clear to me that governments wont/cant/too invested in big businesses to do the right thing

Gary Blackall 25th November 2021

You are a brave man and if it wasn't for people like yourself I would have lost faith in humanities capacity for compassion a long while ago. Well done and all the very best

Kieran Ely-O'Carroll 25th November 2021

Screw you GB news. I Wouldn't have known about this fundraiser without your sensationalist rabble rousing barely literate hate mongering. It revolted me so much I just had to donate something. Goid luck Olly, I hope you come home to a clean warm flat, cupboards full of food, and what support you need till you get back on your feet, thanks for putting yourself and criminal record on the line to help make a difference for people and planet, we apreciate your sacrifice.

Chris Collier 24th November 2021

Like many others, I found out about this campaign because of the triggered snowflakes at the Star, Sun, Mail, and elsewhere. Ha ha ha indeed. Solidarity Olly, your bravery is an inspiration to many.

Suzie Darcel 24th November 2021

Sorry my contribution is so small but thank you so much for taking a stand for all of us! I only wish our governments would act with more urgency

Elsa nadine bua 24th November 2021

Hello olly and fellow hero's. I can't donate much as I'm on universal credit and have 2 kids. However I am still donating as you gyes are an inspiration. All I can say is thankyou thankyou thankyou.

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