Pay it forward/feeding those in need

by Hayley murrell in Maldon, England, United Kingdom

Pay it forward/feeding those in need

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Pay it forward- its about caring and sharing, its about compassion and kindness, its about geneoristity and love.

by Hayley murrell in Maldon, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Help more families and support more community projects.

We at The Vintage Rose are by no means rich but we do have enough to feed ourselves. We are also compassionate enough to recognise that not everyone is in our fortunate position. This isn't just for the holiday period but whenever its needed. We've been fortunate to have had family around us in the past when things have got to the point of choosing to pay bills or put food in the cupboard and we will be forever thankful for that. We know this isn't the case or an option for everyone!

At any point going forward, if you're having to make these choices, call us. It might be something simple but we're happy to put a meal on the table for you. We have the space to seat you but if you'd rather we can box it up for you to take home. We don't need to know you're circumstances and we do it in good faith. 

Times are extremely hard for lots of people at the moment. We want to help families that need help, that through no fault of the own are struggling to put food on the table. We want to set this page up , as so many of our wonderful friends and customers have responded in wanting to help.

Pay it forward is a method of giving back to those that need it most. However big or small we will ensure it is given to those that need it most.

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