ParsonStreetYouth FC Fund

by Maciej(Max) Rokicki in Bristol, Bristol City, United Kingdom

ParsonStreetYouth FC Fund

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Help boys get funds for "away kits"(and other essential equipment) on their path to glory :)

by Maciej(Max) Rokicki in Bristol, Bristol City, United Kingdom

Parson Street Youth...

is relatively fresh team of great, passionate kids(under 12) from local communities who love football and entered League last season under Parson Street Old Boys FC wing. In this first season though being considered the weakest and least experienced they made their way up and end season placed in the middle of tables. They held against better teams which play together from a toddler :)


Away Kits (and other essentials)...

are very much needed. The team can play thanks to huge input of time and own resources from couches, which are also parents of some players as well as other parents who believe and see potential in their kids. Unfortunately our resources are limited and we have no backing from any big sponsors which makes providing equipment a difficult task.

First need: Away Kits

which need fund of £600 and this quota is a main target of this request. All extra funds will be fully spend on otheir essentials. Team started from scratch and was lucky enough to have sponsored Home Kits, training t-shirts and rain jackets but that's about it what our boys have at the moment.


Bristol South

We come from Bedminster, Knowle, Bishopsworth and Hartcliffe areas which aren't the most desired places to live in Bristol. That is why is so important to give kids a place and opportunity to challenge themselves, to do something for their own health, build strong bonds and friendships, support each other and for some of them it can be also opportunity of future prospect.


Honest and straightforward

We don't ask for much. Every £ will make a difference. We all spend money every day on food, drink and other treats, few punds here, few punds there, without noticing it even. If every person who sees this message would put in £1, £2, £3 (equivalent of pack of bubble gums or coffee from costa) boys could get needed kits in a jiffy. Every amount, no matter how small or big will be appreciated and will keep the team going. 

If you can't support us financially please spread the word buy sending link to family, friends, whoever you may know.

In a chance that a businesses would like to offer a sponsorship. We cannot promise you World Cup or Fifa Cup audience but bunch of kids running with company logo on their kits at multiple locations, on multiple events, with multiple spectators plus Facebook promotion would sure work great to spread desired name around. 

The guy

I created this fundrising project but in full honesty, can say that I am no football fan, don't even like the sport. I am also not native British so please forgive any lingual mistakes. 

As a parent I want to give full support to my son who chose football as his main sport of interest. Also being around this boys and around their parents, observing how passionate they are, how hard they work, how they stick together and help each other triggered me to go extra lengths to support them. I am stunned how small community can share such strong bonds, something which is forgotten in post communist Easter Block where I am from. Ladies and gentlemen I bow my head and huge respect for British community spirit. Bravo.for you all and thank you.

Wish you all the best.


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