Paperless solutions for Buses "SmartBus"

by Duncan McDougall in Ashford, England, United Kingdom

Paperless solutions for Buses "SmartBus"


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I was a bus driver for 17 years and there is no paperless easy solutions, the buses is stuck in the dark ages I want to bring it up to date

by Duncan McDougall in Ashford, England, United Kingdom

About My Journey

I have worked in the London Buses sector for over 16 years, in many capacities from driving to working in the CCTV Analyst office to working in service control and management.  I have always had ideas for new businessbut never had the confidence to try.  I have always given up and not gone through with the project.  

Recently over the past 20 months I have really struggled with my mental health, as has many people.  Last year I lost my best friend to COVID he died so young and full of promise.  We always talked over a kebab after work about what we would do if we started a business together.  

Working as a bus driver during the pandemic was scary, but also heartwarming, with the claps on thursday to being recognised as a key worker.  But over the year i struggled with my mental health and trying to stop myself from falling into a addictive life.  But i had an effect on my work and my family. 

I lost my job and my partner and mother of my 3 children pushed me to start, and here I am.

The idea

So buses are driven by great people, but they can be overloaded with paperwork from Log cards to duty cards accident forms, overtime paperwork driving hours stuff, things for TfL if in London.  All of it on paper thatis easily lost, or damaged.  

So I have come up with SmartBus, its a tablet based system with cloud connection to a admin PC based system for the bus garages to access.  It enable drivers to have access to all the paper work they need on a tablet system that will be mounted to the cab.  Dont worry if the bus is in motion it wont work, so the bus must be stationary.  

Connecting with GPS and a cloud based system with enable the bus driver to access there schedule paper work to prove trips done and anything else they would need to to carry out there duty.  This will mean that the companies no longer need to spend thousand of pound on printing paper copies, this will be great for the enviroment.  

It will streamline the bus industry as it will allow the garage to access in real time information on this bus.  This will better the relationship of driver and garage and also toward customers.  It will also allow them to get information in real time to allow them to better pass information to customers in a more accurtate way.  

It will mean that information will pass from the driver to garage without have to pass damaged paperwork to their superviors. The admin program will allow the garage to gather accurate information to pass up the management chain mean there will be less pressure on front line staff.

My Aim

My aim is to provide a system the will reduce stress on the drivers, supervisors and managers.  Will allow for a better flow of information in both directions.  I want every bus in the UK fitted with this system.  eventually it will mean a more better informed drivers and a better service felt by customer.  

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