Bartender School Launch & Career Opportunity

by Kishan Mehta in Wembley, England, United Kingdom

Bartender School Launch & Career Opportunity


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Providing people within the hospitality industry with aspiration to build a career with us. Giving them education and offering secure jobs.

by Kishan Mehta in Wembley, England, United Kingdom

Pangea Spirit – ’Bringing You Together’


Our Ambition

We want to build career paths in the hospitality / alcohol industry and provide bartenders and mixologists with a vision for a career in the industry. 

We started as an events company (Thirsty Work Bars) – providing a mobile service with delicious cocktails for any event. In 2021 we then went on to create our own gin (Pangea Spirit Gin) and are just about to release a white rum and a spiced rum (Pangea Spirit Rum). 

Through our work we meet many bartenders, mixologists and one thing we have discovered is that, although they love what they do, many of them don’t see what they can do to have a progressing career in the industry.


(some of our bartenders)

This is where we come in - We feel that it is our duty (with a growing business) to help those that need it the most, therefore we would like to launch a Pangea Spirit bartenders’ school. The school will create the opportunity for rising bartenders and mixologists to develop and/or enhance their skills within this field. 

After an intensive 6-week course of learning the art of mixology, each student is given the choice of a paid placement. These are;

  • Become an educator and potentially in the future franchise their own school;
  • Franchise our events company (Thirsty Work Bars); or 
  • Become a full-time paid Global Brand Ambassador of Pangea Spirit with the possibility to travel the world. 

We want to provide them with support to get started and continue to help them through-out their career. 

When we launch our bartending school we also hope to provide free sessions for those living in poverty / homeless and who would love to learn a new trade for future job opportunities. The school will help to arrange work experience and potential job opportunities with the connections we already have. 

What is our motivation?

Our motivation comes from the years of time spent with bartenders and mixologists. These young and talented individual are now deserved of a big break and this is what we are passionate to provide them with. After hosting a free cocktail competition for bartenders across the UK - it was confirmed that we will pursue this project. 


(free cocktail competition)

What makes our project different?

Though there are bartenders schools out there, there are very few (or none) that offer the same opportunities as we will. With our industry knowledge and links to the hospitality sector we have the perfect curriculum to develop our future mixologists and entrepreneurs of the industry.

Our passion to help those and practice what we preach (bringing you together) is the heart of this project and as well as providing excellent career opportunities we wish to help those in more need, and learn a new skill for future jobs.

How are we going to achieve this?

With your funding we will be opening our first site in London. We will advertising heavily on social media as well as using our existing contacts that we've built over the years.

We have already begun to put this plan into place. Searching for suitable locations near to public transport. Additionally we have started to write the curriculum and education / career path. 

What Milestones have we hit?

Proudly we have put together a small team of industry experts together to write up the most amazing curriculum. Our school is based on the very best education and it is spectacular to think that we have a team together for this. 

Want to know a little more?1657630575_whatsapp_image_2022-01-07_at_11.04.46_(1).jpeg

Pangea Spirit / Thirsty Work is a two persons team built of my wife Reema & myself. Our idea in business is to help promote togetherness, being one family unit and welcoming all walks of life.  

Hence the name Pangea Spirit. Pangea was the name of the supercontinent which dated back 300 million years ago, where earth as we know today formed one land. 

Pangea Spirit was birthed by the concept of the past, knowing no boundaries, crossing borders of any sense, raising a glass with whoever and most importantly...'Bringing You Together.'

Please give us the opportunity to finally give back to our industry. An industry that is somewhat overlooked, but an industry that does so much for our community and much be awarded with the opportunity to succeed and thrive!

I thank each and every one of you that takes the time to read this and donate.

Kind regards and deepest gratitude. 


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