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by Ross Denby in Halifax, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 3rd August 2021 we successfully raised £3,355 with 40 supporters in 28 days

Would you love to see a new comic book shop emerge? If you're thinking "YES!" We invite you to join our quest. Will you come & be the hero?

by Ross Denby in Halifax, England, United Kingdom

A thank you to the Heroes and Events/Children's sessions update

To be honest, this whole thing has gone amazingly from the kind words of the heroes and adventurers on here...

To the masses of people who came to the shop and made the soft launch go so well, we can now focus ENTIRELY on the events space.

The Star Wars guys from The Sentinel Squad Uk made £928.16 to The Snappy Trust, Children's Charity. An outstanding figure, one that I'm going to round to a nice juicy £1000 for them since it went so well.

It's worth it for awesome pictures like this:

Ross as Loki with wife Natalie as Storm with the Sentinel Squad in uniform as Chewbacca and General Tarfful plus a cheeky Jawa

It was damn hot in that Loki suit but it was amazing... considering what the Wookie guys are wearing I shouldn't really complain!

So we're all on the events now, they were not supposed to be until down the line and all the shop was going.

Now though, people want more! Don't worry however, there's lots of cool stuff on the way that you will be able to claim as rewards very soon, or just come and pick up.

The main kick on this update is the fact we're just over halfway and we need some more people in terms of small donations to really move this to a great finish.

Remember, anything people put in they AT LEAST get it back again in the rewards for stock. Plus there are now TWO new rewards around the events space and classes for children when they start.

Both are huge savings on the cost of an actual ticket so look for the "Heroes Assemble" awards to find out more.

Those of you who are already heroes to us, if you can do some sharing and in-person encouraging to jump on board that would be massively appreciated. People will not get this level of value again so it's the next couple of weeks or never.

Please do encourage anyone with questions to message me on Instagram or Facebook. People can even arrange a chat with me in the shop it's no problem!

Thanks again heroes and adventurers, you are awesome. Let's get some more members of this PNP Squadron and finish this in style! ???? 

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£30 or more

Funko-Fanatic - "If it ain't Funko, it ain't fun!"

FINAL DAY SPECIAL REWARD. Claim any 1 special FUNKO (larger Funko) or TWO character Funko Pops! AND a Funko keychain. Plus, 10% off your next Funko purchase, valid until January 2022! Let's go Funko mad and back us in the final few hours.

£20 or more

Silver Hero - "Because that's what heroes do!"

Earn yourself hero status at Pages N' Pixels and claim one piece of our launch exclusive stock from comic books, graphic novels or some fun items from the shop. These are available online and in-store and you will be sent a link or voucher to claim your prize. As part of the launch of our shop, Origin Stories season begins with some epic gear & some will be one time only so be a part of our origins with this reward.

£20 or more

Heroes Assemble Silver - "Training starts, NOW!

NEW and requested by a legend... how can we say no? Get yourself two tickets (not to the gunshow!) but to our first events or children's classes. These will cost more individually so this is a good 25% discount reward, get them while their new! The tickets are flexible, use one for either or the same for one child. Or, bring a friend along to the same event with the second ticket! Of course, you must be able to come in person to accept this award

£40 or more

Gold Hero - "Much stronger than you think you are"

Take it to the next level and get GOLD hero status including priority access to our shop and/or website's stock. Claim a reward from the GOLD hero range of products and get the first pick of the items available along with the option to choose more SILVER hero products if you prefer. This will be available in-store and online via the website. Being a gold hero gives you more options and the chance to get more items too.

£45 or more

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Heroes Assemble Gold - "I can do this all day..."

NEW as well! A second request, this time get 5, yes FIVE tickets to Pages N Pixels events either classes or fun activities once they begin! This is a huge saving of over 33% on ticket costs. Again, bring friends to the same event or use with one child for all 5... or anything in between! So long as you can attend in person, you're ready to assemble hero!

£65 or more

Super-Hero - "With Great Power..."

A Super-Hero reward gets you PnP priority access and a unique reward to claim from the Gold Hero offers. PLUS, you will also receive £30 to spend in-store or online with your name forever recorded on the website's page of Super-Heroes and Legends! Be a core part of the Pages N' Pixels origin story and take your place in the history of real Super-Heroes to us.

£100 or more

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Ultimate-Hero - "Think Mark, you'll outlast..."

Oh, are you really ready to be THIS awesome? OK, well you get your priority access and selection of awesome Gold Hero Gear. Plus £50 to spend in our shop or online. PLUS: Ultimate Hero status for 12 months giving you 10% off selected products, a special collectable gift from us... AND and place on the website & in-store Monument of Legends, your name is on display forever in our shop, because heroes of this ultimate level deserve it!

£150 or more

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Legendary Hero - "Glorious Purpose!"

A legend only comes along so often, so they must be treated as one. As a PnP Legend, you will receive all perks of the Ultimate Hero but we include a total of £80 to spend in-store or online. PLUS, you choose your own exclusive gift from the Legendary range of collectables with some deluxe options The 10% discount extends to you and a friend for 12 months plus your name is displayed in the "Legendary" section of our Monument of Legends

£200 or more

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Artistic Hero - "I kinda' like this one, Bob"

Love some comic book or pop culture art? For this reward you get a signed, numbered and framed art print of your choice. Plus £85 back as a voucher alongside 10% discount on the majority of products for a year. Discount applies to you and a friend!

£300 or more

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Demi-God - "I am a god, boy"

You may think you're human, but you are part god in PnP! Take priority access to our shop or online store. Choose from our hero gear. Get £150 to spend in our shop/website and choose a reward from our GOD TIER collectables plus have your name held high on our Demi-Gods section of the Monument of Legends. PLUS: 15% off for you and a friend for 12months and a free Demi-God gift pack containing specially selected items & memorabilia.

£500 or more

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Celestial Being - "I am, Inevitable"

The most powerful being in our universe. You receive all the recognition you deserve including all perks from the Demi-God tier BUT with £300 to spend in-store/online. Your 15% discount for you & a friend is for 2 years and you can choose from our top collectables for a gift, plus an exclusive gift pack. What's more, you are held in the highest esteem in our shop's top-level in PnP for all-time with your name painted on our art wall!

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