Overthinking 2022 Official Crowdfunder

by Fire Within Interactive in Chatham, Medway, United Kingdom

We did it
On 29th November 2021 we successfully raised £2,062 ( + est. £257.75 Gift Aid ) with 43 supporters in 28 days

To push a new iconic idea created and worked on by talented individuals who want to shape the new generation of film.

by Fire Within Interactive in Chatham, Medway, United Kingdom

What is Overthinking?

The film is set in modern day England, and explores the internal conflict between one’s imagination and reality. We’ve taken cinematic inspiration from other impactful thrillers such as Shutter Island and Black Mirror, as well as incorporating the deadpan comic style seen in the After Life series. 


The story follows a young troubled individual called Matt who confines in his best friend Tom about his problems with one of them being that Matt thinks his loving girlfriend Rosie could potentially be cheating on him. The person suspected is Dale who is her brother Freddy’s close friend. However does Matt's story add up? Is Matt telling the truth in everything he is saying? Or is he generally Overthinking Everything as Tom believes? How much of the story has actually been told? Has Matt Revealed Everything or have we only scraped the surface to Matt’s troubles? What can be said is there is more darkness within Matt and his surroundings than he recognises. With many Twists and Turns, this will be a jam-packed story which you won't want to miss. 

Benefits to donating

- Supporting a short film with ambitious and passionate filmmaker's, actors and crew ready to make their mark in film.

- Many Rewards and Perks to redeem. The bigger the donation, the bigger the reward.

- Gain access to Ovethinking exclusive content which includes behind the scenes, bloopers, interviews etc.

- Personal Thank you by Email/credits/social media

Aims for the project?

Our aim is to create and deliver a film which can be seen as something new and fresh for audiences. Over the years I’ve seen many Films and TV shows from all kinds of genres which always made me question, what would happen if some genres were combined? Our goal is to create something which can be interpreted in different ways that can show people how they can view themselves in a story whilst also looking at a personal version of events which can be different from an outsider's perspective. We are going to ensure that this film is aesthetically pleasing, using colour, lighting and camera angles to add a level of storytelling that goes beyond the actors’ performance and dialogue. We want to push our film to festivals and private cinema screenings for our supporters. We are currently in the process of finalising the pre production stage. This project would not be possible without your help. With our Crowdfunder being launched we will be Aiming to Raise Three Thousand Pounds. All the money raised will go towards bringing our vision to life, and widen our prospects of entering our project into film festivals. However you will not be empty handed as there will be many rewards and perks for donating towards our project. No contribution goes unnoticed. We are a group of individuals who have a loving passion for film and cannot wait to show you what we will create. To all of our supporters, Thank you!


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Personalised thank you on our social media pages.

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Enter our Raffle to win reward's that can be worth up to £250.

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Digital Copy of the film.

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Superpower Package + Full VIP Premiere Experience which includes Seating, Red Carpet, Photos from Photographers.

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Want to feature your business/product in our film? You can have your product/business placed in our film.

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