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FIRST STAGE skin care for YOUNG MEN with sensitive skin. The first product is a foaming face wash for young, sensitive and acne-prone skin

by Aaron Francis in Hayes, England, United Kingdom

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On the 23rd October 2020 we'd raised £875 with 32 supporters in 42 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

On 1st April 2021, we will launch OurSkin

Hero Face Wash for young or sensitive male skin, suffering with acne & blemishes. Natural. Vegan. Recyclable. 


Boys have sensitive skin too. 

Feeling good about the way you look and having control over your physical appearance is an invaluable element of self confidence and well-being. Society has constructed skin care to be a beauty treatment but OurSkin recognises that skin care should be seen as a necessity for your skin health. 

Our Product 

A multifunctional, gentle foaming face wash for younger, sensitive and acne-prone skin which provides a deep clean, helps prevent spots and blemishes in younger male skin.  Helps prevents young male oily skins or problem sensitive skin, building confidence in young men and provide a positive action toward better skin.

A daily face wash that removes most dirt and gives a deep clean while nourishing with parsley for balancing oil production, a more even skin texture/tone and preventing discolouration in our skin. Especially mild salicylic acid which has been known for fighting acne and help prevent future breakouts.

The gel foams as you apply it onto your face providing you with the cleaning sensation, without stripping the natural oils, leaving your skin clean but not dry through the day. 

This product is more than 95% natural and incredibly gentle on skin, making it suitable for all younger skin types including: dry, oily or combination skin and as you can see by the photo above, this is just the first product in a new line of hero, multifunctional skin control products for men. 

Designed by young men for first stage skin care.  


- Parsley to help balance oil production

- Salicylic acid to combat acne

- Dermatologically tested

- Aluminium recyclable packaging

- Pump to reduce wastage

- Cruelty free 


- Clean formulation (more than 95% natural ingredients)



Coming out of university and starting your own business is something that takes a lot of self-confidence and self-belief. These are things that I didn't always have because I suffered from a combination of eczema and acne, which inevitably had a huge effect on my self-confidence. Once I took control of my skin at age 19, I noticed a significant shift in my confidence.

As a young man, once you start to go through puberty, the most important thing to you is to become independent and OurSkin gives you the opportunity to do that by educating you about your skin and providing you with products to teach you about the importance of self-care from a mental and physical perspective. 


We need your help 

Together with the Prince's Trust, we have prepared everything in order to launch our new brand and business, however we need your help to begin full production and help with social media marketing to spread awareness of our new brand. 

You are the VERY FIRST people to hear about our new brand and we would be honoured for you to become our VIP customers and have the opportunity to be the first to try out OurSkin Foaming Face Wash (at a discounted price).


Covid-19 has forced people to stop and reflect on everything going on in their lives. Some of the main things that should be encouraged more are to stop and take more time to care for your physical and mental health and I believe that that starts the moment you wake up and wash your face. Skin care is more than just washing your face. Skin care is an act of self kindness, stability and control before facing the day ahead. 

If you have noticed your son or loved one suffering from problematic skin, help them by providing them with the tools to battle acne themselves. OurSkin is a platform designed to answer any questions with discretion while also providing the most simple, healthy products in order to help them fight against acne. 

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