Our Space Play and Family Therapies CIC

by Louise Akerman in Worcester, Worcestershire, United Kingdom

Our Space Play and Family Therapies CIC

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To provide affordable therapeutic support for children and their families; increasing access to mental health services within our community.

by Louise Akerman in Worcester, Worcestershire, United Kingdom

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On the 22nd April 2024 we'd raised £130 with 6 supporters in 56 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

At Our Space, we recognise the impact that play therapy can have on the lives of children experiencing mental health challenges and trauma. We are launching a targeted crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to create a fund to ensure or services can reach as many young people and their families as possible. Join us in our mission to provide transformative healing through the power of play.

Introducing Our Space: Unlocking the Power of Play for Healing and Growth

At Our Space, we understand the importance of nurturing the mental health and well-being of children and young people. We are proud to introduce our play therapy services supporting children and young people within the three counties (Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire), where we provide a safe and supportive environment for children, adolescents, and their families to embark on a transformative journey of healing.

Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced Play Therapists, registered with the British Association of Play Therapists (BAPT) or Play Therapy UK (PTUK). With additional certifications in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Re-Processing), CPRT (Child Parent Relationship Therapy), Autplay, and Therapeutic Life Story Work.

Here's how Our Space stands out as a leading provider of play therapy:

The Power of Play: We believe in the therapeutic potential of play. Through carefully designed play therapy sessions, we create a nurturing and non-judgmental space where children can freely express themselves, explore their emotions, and develop essential coping skills. Play becomes their language, and we provide the tools to help them heal.

Qualified and Experienced Therapists: Our team comprises dedicated Play Therapists who have undergone rigorous training and hold recognised qualifications. We bring a wealth of expertise in various therapeutic modalities, ensuring that each child receives personalised care tailored to their unique needs.Family-Centered Approach: We understand that healing is a collaborative process involving the child, their family, and the broader support system. Our therapists are trained in CPRT, enabling us to work closely with parents and caregivers, strengthening family bonds, and facilitating positive change.

Specialised Modalities: In addition to play therapy, our therapists are skilled and trained to delivering modalities such as EMDR, Autplay and Therapeutic Life Story Work. These approaches address specific challenges, including autism spectrum disorders and trauma, enabling us to provide targeted support and interventions.

Safe and Welcoming Environment: Our playrooms are thoughtfully designed to create a warm, inviting, and secure setting for our young clients. We prioritise their emotional safety, ensuring that they feel at ease as they embark on their therapeutic journey.

Holistic Support: Our commitment extends beyond the therapy room. We collaborate with schools, social services, and other professionals involved in the child's care, promoting a comprehensive and integrated support system that addresses their overall well-being.

How will your donation help?

Your generous donation to our play therapy service will have a direct and meaningful impact on the children we serve. Here's how your contribution will specifically support and enhance our provision:

Accessibility and Affordability: Your donation helps us provide play therapy services to children who may not have the financial means to access mental health support. We strive to ensure that our services remain affordable and accessible to all children, regardless of their economic circumstances. Your support helps us bridge the gap and offer subsidised or free play therapy sessions to those in need.

Therapeutic Resources and Materials: Play therapy relies on a wide range of toys, art supplies, sensory tools, and other therapeutic materials. Your donation will enable us to expand and diversify our collection, ensuring that our play therapy rooms are equipped with the necessary resources to engage children in meaningful therapeutic play. By having a variety of materials available, we can tailor each session to meet the unique needs and interests of every child.

Play Therapy Room Enhancements: Creating a nurturing and therapeutic environment is essential for successful play therapy sessions. Your donation will allow us to enhance our play therapy rooms, providing a safe, comfortable, and inviting space for children to express themselves freely. This may include improvements in decor, lighting, furniture, and playroom organization, all of which contribute to a child's sense of security and trust in the therapeutic process.

By donating to Our Space Play and Family Therapy, you become an essential part of a child's healing journey. Your support will make a difference in their lives, helping them overcome challenges, build resilience, and experience positive growth. Together, we can create a brighter future for children, one play therapy session at a time.


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