We want to plant 1000 trees by June 2021!

by Plastfree in London, England, United Kingdom

We want to plant 1000 trees by June 2021!
We did it
On 6th May 2021 we successfully raised £190 with 2 supporters in 14 days

We want to be the change and not only be a carbon neutral brand but also include our customers to be an intergral part of our journey!


On an average 11,000 menstrual items are used each year & period products were voted to be the 5th largest ocean polluter- this had to change. Although Anushka was pleased to find a few products in the market that was organic & biodegradable, however, as a customer she was not satisfied with the quality, performance & packaging. Many still came with wrappers, core, back sheet all made of plastic and did not absorb well enough causing leaks and stains. This meant that if customers decided to switch to a plastic free period product, they would have to compromise with the performance & quality.


Abi & Anushka wanted to make a product which was not only plastic free, chemical free, dioxin free and fragrance free in all layers, but also wanted it to be fit for its purpose & more. Two years of research and development materialised the concept of Plastfree, the highest absorbing biodegradable sanitary pad range available in Europe & every element free of plastic. They are better than the plastic ones as instead of 800 years, Plastfree products take from 6 months for tampons & up to 2 years for pads to biodegrade in a warm & humid condition. 100% cotton covers to biodegradable ingredients; Plastfree truly justifies its name & value.

Plastfree UK is a team of women and men from all walks of life, united together to create sustainable hygiene products of excellent value for women & our planet. Plastfree family in a short period of time is present in UK, Canada & UAE all working towards a vision of plastic free periods.

We are committed to raise awareness about single use plastic & effects of plastic pollution by collaborating with organisations who make a change and leading campaigns like #plasticfreeapril2021 and many others. We want to be a C02neutral brand and what better opportunity to collaborate than with We Do Ethical and Trees to SAve the Planet to fulfill our mission.

We would like to continue supporting their amazing effort every month by contributing from our sales of products. Our tree pledges will help forest families in Africa and create biodiversity for many species of wildlife and cleaner air for us all to breathe. This is incredible project is only made possible by our dedicated supporter community. 

Deforestation is a not a problem of the future, we are on target to cause a catastrophic worldwide shortage of fresh water and food. At the current rate, 10% of our original forests will remain by 2030. Reforestation is our pledge to reduce global warming. Help save our planet today.

We plant with Trees For the Future supporting thousands of farming families and changing lives for good, across five countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. The focus is in Cameroon, Kenya, Senegal, Uganda, and Tanzania, as these are the areas having the biggest impact and seeing profound results. 

187,042,083 trees planted - 28,279 acres restored - 111,727 lives changed.


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