Orphanages in Africa

by Salihah in Morocco

Orphanages in Africa

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To raise awareness for orphanages that aren't always link to mainstream charities but rely on local donations

by Salihah in Morocco

1619206238_6363a53c-f252-4149-abfa-9d40c049c9c1.jpegHey guys! It’s Ramadan and I pray this blessed month has been peaceful for you.As many of you know, since dad’s passing mum has travelled regularly to work in orphanages, and continues to support them despite the pandemic. Children staying at these orphanages have lost their parents and some given to the centre as their families could not afford to keep them. Can you imagine being so alone in the world? Thankfully, the orphanages provide a safe and clean home for these children, giving them love and comfort during their crucial early years and educating them, ready for the world during their schooling age. Mum has worked at both orphanages a number of times and has grown attached to the volunteers, staff and children, this is a cause very close to home and every little helps!

Your donations will be sent directly to the orphanages, where they will keep us updated on what donations are being used towards.

There are two orphanages funds will be split between -

The orphanage in Rabat, Morocco which houses orphanages from birth to adulthood, has its own school within the compound. Funds raised will go towards everything you could possibly think of needing in order to survive. Such as; clothes, food, school supplies, medication and to keep the centre liveable.

The second orphanage is in my late fathers birth place, Makeni, Zambia - this orphanage houses children from 3yrs to adulthood and sends them to school on their own bus, they have also sent their children to university to begin thriving careers. Again, funds raised will support the orphanage in every way from food to school supplies. This orphanage also provides a high level of Islamic education with many orphans becoming Hifz.

Both orphanages will benefit from your donations and the children’s prayers may benefit you one day! Thank you for all of your support, whether it’s sharing or donating, you’re in our prayers!

ZAKAH, SADAQAH & LILLAH APPLICABLE - specify in comments ♥️

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