Opening the gates to our Children and Young People

by The Multiple Intelligence Hub CIC in Borough Green, England, United Kingdom

Opening the gates to our Children and Young People


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Help with legal fees for a boundary and access dispute at the location of MIH, resulting in the disturbance of entry for our Young People

by The Multiple Intelligence Hub CIC in Borough Green, England, United Kingdom

The Multiple Intelligence Hub CIC began changing the lives of children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in March 2019.  We offer alternative learning experiences and well-being interventions with a natural and alternative approach, understanding that young people with different disabilities learn much better through practical, hands-on experiences.  We all share a passion in supporting the growth and future development of each individual child or young person we meet.

The location of our organisation was initially met with an element of opposition from some neighbours at the planning stage.  We were very pleased to have overcome these issues as a result of support from our Community and Parish/Local councils, we continue to receive their support.

During Covid 19 restrictions, low funding opportunities and a shortage of staff meant that MIH struggled to keep on top of the upkeep of bordering areas, which unfortunately kickstarted a boundary dispute.

Despite attempts to resolve matters amicably, unfortunately to no avail, this has escalated to our safest point of access-way being withdrawn from our use by neighbouring properties.  As such, we have seen no other alternative but to instruct Solicitors to act on our behalf to resolve the matter.

The withdrawal of this access has caused devastation to our organisation and it's peaceful running.  Not only has this caused disruption to our vulnerable service users, but will have a detrimental impact on the finances of the organisation.  Legal fees for the matter to be resolved in Court have been quoted in the region of £10,000 - £100,000!

We therefore need your help!  As most of our supporting community are aware, something as little as changing the direction or routine of our young peoples' day can be a HUGE challenge for them.  With the change in access, this has, and will, continue to have many implications in the smooth running of MIH and our reputable environment.  It is therefore imperative that we regain our independence and regularity for our vulnerable young people. 

Our premises are privately rented.  The landowners of the site have already incurred costs exceeding £9,000 pounds in seeking legal support to date.  However, as the actions taken to date are directly against MIH and it's smooth running, it will now necessary for us to intervene financially to safeguard our Young People, as well as possibly becoming party to the proceedings.  Costs of this level are not affordable to most and, as a young provision, could force the organisation into a financial crisis!  We as a community organisation appeal to our community and you to help us make sure this does not happen.

Please contact us for any further information you may need and/or pledge what you can to help.  

Thank you so much for your support.

Donna McLean 

CEO, The Multiple Intelligence Hub CIC

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