OneEaling (Residents Against LTNs)

by OneEaling Campaign Group in London, England, United Kingdom

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Support residents' legal fight against Ealing Council for removal of the Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) and proper consultation.

by OneEaling Campaign Group in London, England, United Kingdom

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Annie Roy 10th April 2021

Keep up the fight. Ealing council are destroying my quality of life with these LTN bollards. I feel strengthened I’m not alone in feeling this

Loren Gerlach 9th April 2021

Remember just a few years ago when they were trying to push all the traffic ON to the side streets with the Uxbridge Road tram? That didn't make any sense either, and we stopped it. They need to stop grossly inconveniencing us just so that some bureaucrat can overcome their "I'm not having any impact" midlife crisis.

Barbara Taylor 22nd February 2021

I support Challenging Ealing Council's Leader and Cabinet Members: as self-evidently they do not uphold democracy for all it's residents; from imposition of wheelie bins; add to the list LTN's

Mr Edward Maher 30th January 2021

All come together as one and lets get rid of this diabolical system , sprung on us all over night ,with no consultation. I think we have all already have a very big upset in our lives , with covid , this is just too much im for cycle lanes , and 20 mph speed limit . But to stop us being able to travel through the side turnings , resulting in all the main rds , being gridlocked , and now to top it all , to now block off swincombe ave for most of tge residents in boston manor rd is outrageous .

Mary Codrington 18th January 2021

I hate the way Julian Bell has used this crisis to push these measures through. Just because he likes to cycle now, doesn't mean he will when he 67 like me. He might appreciate cars or uber's that dont have to sit in a jam log for up to half an hour as they try and reach roads just off Boston manor or northfields.

JAMES HYDE 17th January 2021

I support action against this council which does not respond to the wishes of resident and instead pursues a nefarious policy of taxation by lottery

Clive Galway 3rd January 2021

PLEASE consider adding LTN 32 to your list of legal challenges. I live in Northfield Ave, and need to get to the M4 - With Occupation Lane being closed, I have to take a WAY longer and more congested route and it's driving me crazy!

Judith Jaafar 23rd December 2020

This is just the beginning of the war against cars and motorists, there will be more to come. People are told it’s for health and it encourages walking and cycling - but what about those like me who cannot do either or for businesses that rely on delivery access. And how much is the council going to rake in on fines? And now they’re suggesting that people should use e-scooters on roads and pavements. Is this a really bad joke? I hope your legal action is successful.

Tara Burrell 21st December 2020

Thank you for doing this... we have just received a letter Hounslow council being in cahoots with Ealing are blocking Swycombe Avenue blocking all of Northfields now from the whole Boston Manor road unless going from the Great West Road.. and this is supposed to reduced congestion and traffic? There is now only a be road for all rush hour traffic. These are the same routes they are doing roadworks and have blocked one lane or side of these road over a set area we are all now having to use? Embarrassingly poor organisational skills

Loren Gerlach 18th December 2020

Has anyone seen any evidence of residents actually asking for these LTNs? I live on a side street and I never had a problem with "excessive traffic" before these were created. This is a repeat of the Uxbridge Road tram idiocy back in the 2000's -- someone with too much spare time trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist by creating a real one.

Alex Pang 10th December 2020

LTNs introduce too many problems, it increases journey distances and actually cause more pollution. Instead of doing 2miles to collect our grandchild which is too far to walk and not practical to cycle, the new LTN makes the journey double the distance. It is put in by people not living in the real world.

Anna Conwell 8th December 2020

I sent cc to one ealing as requested then I have sent cc to my mp Sharma and 5 of my local ward councillors ________________________________________ From: katharine plant Sent: 27 November 2020 14:16 To: katharine plant Subject: Fwd: LTN Obje My post code is W72PN. I use the route from Hanwell to Ealing regularly. I have complained in the past regarding the undemocratic and spiteful imposition of LTN barriers on our local roads. There was no consultation about this. I believe that HM government released funds for Local Authorities to implement zones which benefited the whole community not just those with a pro-cycling agenda. Walking and cycling is not possible for a lot of the community especially those who are unable to use public transport and are disabled in some way. The car/taxi is the only option. I understand that even buses are delayed by the extra traffic along the major routes. My own personal grievance is that the journeys by car are long and inconvenient. I have a disability & using public transport or cycling is not an option. The journeys are taking two or three times the amount of time from previous. I am now shopping away from the local 'Ealing' shops depriving them of much needed income. Furthermore, I do not want big brother watching my movements around the borough with APNR cameras. However they may be useful in catching cyclists riding through red stop lights and passing by stopped traffic at a pedestrian crossing. You must reconsider and consult properly and fairly.

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