One Child Too Many Campaign

by Grace Carter in United Kingdom

One Child Too Many Campaign

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We are running the "One Child Too Many Campaign" as a self-funded campaign - but with more funds, there's so much more we can achieve.

by Grace Carter in United Kingdom

Project Description: One Child Too Many



One Child Too Many is a crucial online campaign dedicated to raising awareness about the heart-wrenching stories of parents who have tragically lost their children due to pranks, social media challenges, online bullying, and other devastating and avoidable causes. These parents face an additional barrier in their quest for answers and justice: the inability to access their children's social media accounts, which could hold vital clues. This campaign seeks to bring about significant change by advocating for more supportive policies from tech companies and legislative reforms from governments to prevent such avoidable deaths in the future.

The Problem

In today's digital age, social media plays a central role in the lives of young people. While it offers many benefits, it also exposes them to various risks, including dangerous pranks, harmful challenges, and cyberbullying. Tragically, some children fall victim to these risks, leading to irreversible consequences.

The parents who are left behind are often desperate for answers, hoping to find closure or even preventative measures for other families by accessing their deceased children's social media accounts. Unfortunately, the current policies of many social media companies do not support these requests, leaving parents in a painful limbo and costly legal battles. Additionally, existing laws are often outdated or insufficient in addressing these modern challenges.

Our Mission

The mission of One Child Too Many is threefold:

1. Raise Awareness: Share the poignant stories of affected families to highlight the urgent need for change through a variety of storytelling and campaign methods.

2. Advocate for Policy Change: Push for tech companies to adopt more compassionate and supportive policies that allow parents access to their children's accounts under specific, controlled circumstances.

3. Legislative Reform: Urge governments to revise and implement laws that protect children online and support families in their search for answers and justice.


1. Amplify Voices: Utilise our platform to give a voice to grieving parents and share their stories widely, garnering public and media attention - as already demonstrated with the widespread visibility of the #JoolsLaw campaign and resulting success of the petition started by Jools' mother, Ellen Roome.

2. Engage with Tech Companies: Initiate dialogues with major social media platforms to discuss the development and implementation of new policies that consider the needs of bereaved families.

3. Lobby for Legal Changes: Work with legal experts, policymakers, and advocacy groups to propose and promote legislative reforms that address the gaps in current laws regarding online safety and parental access to digital accounts.

How You Can Help

We need your support to make a difference. By contributing to our crowdfunding campaign, you will help us:

- Develop and maintain a comprehensive website and social media presence.

- Produce compelling content, including videos, documentaries, articles, and interviews, to spread awareness.

- Organise events, webinars, and meetings with stakeholders to foster dialogue and action.

- Fund research and reports that underscore the importance of policy and legislative changes.


One Child Too Many is not just a campaign; it is a movement aimed at protecting children and supporting families in their darkest hours. With your help, we can drive the change needed to prevent future tragedies and ensure that no parent has to endure the pain of losing a child without answers. 

Join us in our mission to make the digital world a safer place for all children.

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