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Omami's Studio is a creative House of Art, set to produce a diverse range of original content. It's like if Walt Disney had a crowdfunder.

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On the 6th March 2021 we'd raised £80 with 3 supporters in 56 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Omami's Studio was founded by Mimi Jammeh (a.k.a 'Omami') on the 19th of June, 2020. Originally of West/North African descent, she wanted to create a platform by and for Black people that showcases, celebrates and honors Pan-African artistry. During a time of revolution and awakening it is high time Pan Africans take ownership of their creations, and Mimi felt impassioned to help do so. As a storyteller herself she was tired of the same old narrative of Black contributions being stolen, highjacked and missrepresented and wanted to be the change to cultivate a safe creative space for her community. We believe her exact words were, "If nobody else is gon' do it, b*tch I'm gon' do it." Thus was born the persona of Omami, a figure steeped in mysticism chosen to represent that which connects us as a diaspora: our proud, unwavering spirit. The Omami's Studio team currently consists of two Black women working diligently from our studio space. You can find out more at our website:

The long term goal of the studio is to produce everything from feature length films to hosting events, but until then we are acting as a recording studio, film and photography studio and creative rental space. The money raised will be used to get us off the ground by way of acquiring the rest of the necessary equiptment and materials to support our artists in their creation of projects in whatever way we can.

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OG Stub for a Dub

Believe it or not, Omami's Studio plans on being around for a very long time. Expanding with every era, we're talkin' we gon be here even after your great grandkids come of age. Therefore, we're giving you an OG Stub, a hallmark to recognise your part in the movement. This will be sent to your email and available to print.

£100 or more

Come Chill for a Bill

Omami's Studio doesn't just create content, we currate experiences! By pledging $100 or more, you will recieve an official invitation to an exclusive online event to celebrate the launch of our platform, as well as to thank y'all for your contributions.

£555 or more

It Takes a Village

The number 555 represents change, and by donating this amount or more to our studio, to say that would make a difference would be an understatement. Your contributions make you a part of the family, so for this donation your name will be added to our first great art piece: a mural that will be displayed in our studio, as well as posted on our social media platforms.

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Okay money team, we see you! For donations of 1K and above you get a free audio download of our first music project featuring all Omami's Studio artists. You will also recieve an exclusive piece of Omami Studio merchandise

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