Oliver Snelling for Lewisham North

by OliverSnelling4MP in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Oliver Snelling for Lewisham North

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Workers did not create this crisis! No more cuts in public spending! Homes for people, not for profit! Decent jobs for all!

by OliverSnelling4MP in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

I'm standing as the Communist Party of Britain candidate for MP for Lewisham North.

I'm 24 years old and work as a stone carver and labourer in Deptford. I have been active in the Palestine solidarity movement, stopping evictions and deportations and organising workers.

It is time to hold the rich and powerful accountable for the economic crisis they created. While workers struggle to make ends meet, big business bosses rake in record profits.

Join me in fighting back against the corporations that exploit us and devastate our communities and environment. Together, through our trade unions and community organisations, we can build a united front to challenge those who want to take away our right to a secure job, place to live and democratic way of life.

Our communities are under attack from relentless cuts, under-investment and managed decline. As your representative in Parliament, I will fight every cutback to local services and push for investment and public ownership whereby profits from our services are reinvested in our communities. I would campaign to abolish the council tax and replace it with a local income tax and property tax based on ability to pay. It is time to put people before profit and ensure that everyone benefits fairly from London’s enormous wealth.

Everyone deserves a safe and affordable place to call home. Working alongside tenants’ unions and housing justice campaigners, in Parliament I will fight for a mass council house building programme, proper regulation and enforcement and rent controls to increase the supply of affordable housing. Together, we can end homelessness and ensure that no one is left behind.

London is a cash cow for big business and their exploitation of workers at risk of insecurity. I will fight for a plan for high-quality training, apprenticeships and jobs that will get young people and the unemployed into decent work and regulate bogus self-employment and zero hours’ contracts that are being misused so that dishonest employers can make super-profits.

If you’re tired of empty promises and broken dreams, then it’s time to vote Communist and join us in the fight for a better future. Together, we can build a London that works for the people and not the banks and super-rich.

The Communists campaign for public ownership of mail, rail, water and energy, regeneration of our local high streets and communities, decent jobs and opportunities for young people, trade union rights and the vote at 16. We are for a ceasefire now in Ukraine and Gaza and the just rights of the Palestinian people.

Vote Oliver Snelling for Lewisham North and let’s make history together!

In Solidarity,
Communist Candidate for Lewisham North

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