Off-Key: Magical Realism Short Film

by Georgia Gregory-Morris in Falmouth, Cornwall, United Kingdom

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OFF-KEY is an independent black comedy/magical realism short film about mystery, disharmony and at the heart of the story, objectification

by Georgia Gregory-Morris in Falmouth, Cornwall, United Kingdom

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Set within a magical world, Off-Key follows the journey of Nosebleed, a whimsical artist who finds muse in the form of an ominous charity shop and a piano that turns people into products. 


Trigger warning: shakiness and slight flashing throughout the video!

Quirky customers accumulate within an ominous charity shop. Conflict, mystery and mooching are on the agenda. 

Nosebleed is a serial daydreamer who finds herself drawn to a mystical and mysterious charity shop. Haunting in presence and architecture, the structure of the charity shop is just too poetic for a desperate artist to resist. After drifting inside, she is struck by both surreal inspiration and a catastrophic nosebleed. Nosebleed is no longer seeking her muse, but a tissue instead. 

At the heart of the charity shop rests a deteriorated piano. No ordinary instrument, it is said to be possessed by some form of black magic, and the ability to turn people into products. Let's just hope that 'broken' sign prevents anyone from activating the keys.

You know what they say; a fool and his mortality are soon parted, or better yet, curiosity killed the customer.



Georgia Gregory Morris - Writer/Director


Andrew Brierley - Producer


Esme Wallace - Director of Photography 


Anna Járai - Art Director


Charlotte Goddard - Art Director


Holly Booth - Editor


Pete Quayle - Sound Designer


Jenn - Social Media Manager



From immense set design to the elaborate and quirky costumes, we are going to need your help to make Off-Key a reality!


Our target budget of £2000 will make Off-Key possible and beyond this budget the short film will be elevated to a level where slick visuals can be achieved! Our stretch-goal is to experiment with anamorphic lenses, and abstract modes of filming, that will further immerse you in the twisted and mysterious world of Off-Key! If we manage to smash that initial goal, any additional funding will go towards post-production, paying the actors for more days on set and additional fees! 


We have some pretty snazzy rewards up for grabs! 



Follow our social media accounts to enter the mysterious world of Off-Key. Become detectives and find the clues hidden deep within our posts (there may be some prizes lurking in there too)!



A share goes a long way and could be the very thing that transports Off-Key from script to screen! If you are not able to back our film financially and still want to show support, why not join our community!



We are extending our crew! We want Off-Key to be a shared experience. Anyone is welcome to contribute to building our friendly neighbourhood hashtag! Want to promote a local charity shop? Snap a pic, upload it to Instagram and bish bash bosh the tag on!


Our mission is to reduce our environmental impact on set and inspire other filmmakers to follow in our almost carbon-free footprints! We aim to follow the guidelines set out on Green Film’s website by achieving the following: 

- Conscious transportation: We will promote car sharing to reduce our transport related emissions. As the studio is situated in Penryn, most of the crew will be able to walk to set or get there via public transport. 

- All catering will be plant based and vegan friendly! This is an easy way to ensure we are doing our bit for the planet. 

- Utilising primarily LED lightings to save power!

- All tableware and cutlery used on set will be reusable. 

- We refuse to pay for plastic, water will be supplied to the cast and crew but contained in reusable cups. 

- Eliminating ‘lunch boxes’ and avoiding buying food that comes in excessive packaging.

- Our Art department will source props and costume sustainably. All costume will be recycled or purchased from charity shops to combat fast fashion and  consumerist waste! 

- We would also like to promote our green filming by publishing some behind the scene footage of our, lean, mean and green set up! 

On top of this, we also aim to promote local charity shops, like the British Red Cross who is raising awareness for the pandemic of loneliness in the South west.


Massive thank you to all of our wonderful Sponsors!





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Teddy Bear

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Grandfather Clock

- You will be awarded the Executive Producer credit (and our endless gratitude)! - Your name will be included in the IMDB credits

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