Raising Money for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

by Only Forward OCD Support in Gloucester, England, United Kingdom

Raising Money for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
We did it
On 23rd August 2018 we successfully raised £230 with 11 supporters in 28 days

We are raising money for two people to enter in to private treatment for OCD therapy. These two people are in need of immediate treatment.

by Only Forward OCD Support in Gloucester, England, United Kingdom

We are trying to raise money for two people to enter in to immediate therapy for severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). OCD is an anxiety disorder and rates in the World Health Organisation's top 10 most debilitating mental disorders. In it's severe form it is nothing short of absolute torture and pulls entire families to their knees. We have two very different people, from two very different back grounds who are in a state of crisis.  Let us take a little look at these two very different people who are sharing the same sickness:

Person 1: This is a young girl from our own city of Gloucester. This young lady should be focusing on finishing her G.C.S.E exams and doing all the fun things young people do. None of this is possible for her right now and she is mostly isolated at home stuck in endless cycles of mental obsession (unwanted, uncontrollable thoughts), physical anxiety and physical compulsions (physical actions to try and reduce anxiety). The family simply cannot continue to function in this way. She needs to enter in to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) immediately. CBT is a kind of therapy given to sufferers of OCD and is proven to turn their lives around and allow them to re enter in to a life worth living. 

Why doesn't Person 1 use the NHS treatments available?

Person 1 is on the waiting list for NHS treatment, she has been advised it will be a minimum of 7 months until she is seen by a mental health professional. Those of us working in these sectors know these waiting times can be much higher and that when treatment begins it is not always specific for OCD and can be, all too often, totally ineffective. We can't wait this long, we need to act NOW.

Why doesn't person 1 just have her family pay for private treatment?

Person 1 belongs to an incredible family consisting of her self, her two younger siblings and her mother who is raising all three on her own. We are seeking to send her to an OCD specialist in Bristol who has rates of £70ph.  We realistically need a minimum of 6 sessions but could ideally use as many as 10. This is going to cost £420-700. This simply is not in this families budget. 

Person 2: This is a man who is living in war-torn Syria. He has had to relocate to different areas in his home land due to civil war and bombings. He has exhausted the very limited help available in his country for mental health issues, the health care system there is dire and in a state of disarray. He has been suffering with severe OCD for 20 years now and it has now consumed his whole life. This is a strong man living through things that we (in the UK) can hardly imagine. He can handle all of this, what he can no longer handle is his OCD, he speaks of his fear of not being able to look after his mother & father as they get older. He needs to get his OCD under control NOW. We need to get this man a professional OCD therapist from Bristol who can give CBT sessions over Skype.

Why doesn't person 2 just use their own health care system/version of our NHS?

There isn't one, this country is in the middle of a violent civil war

Why doesn't person 2 just pay for private treatment in his own country?

Person 2 works a job that makes him £150 a month, to enter in to private treatment will cost him half his salary. Could you spend half your salary on medical bills? This is not realistic. The reality is, this family are broke financially beyond what we can imagine. Also mental health care in this country is not the same as in the UK, they are far behind in training and understanding such disorders, this is hardly surprising due to its long term state of civil war. 

Why should we raise money for some one out side the UK? Shouldn't we just look after our own?

We should absolutely look after our own, please don't forget I have been running this organisation for over 3 years, looking after people from all over Gloucestershire, Bristol & Worcester. I do not get paid to do this, I spend my own money and use my own fuel and time to help treat our citizens who suffer from this disorder. We don't intend to stop raising money for our cities sufferers, we aim to continue, but here I have decided to make a statement. That no matter where we live or what race, nationality or religion we are, we are also ALL HUMAN. We can't allow our boarders to be the limits of our kindness and love. If you appreciate the type of work I have been doing for 3 years in our City, I hope you support me in this funding campaign.  

The Skype CBT sessions will cost £65 per session. So again we are hoping for 6-10 session costing £390-650 in total. 

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