Nuneaton Archers New mowing unit project

by Geoff Beston in Bedworth, Warwickshire, United Kingdom


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We are looking to raise funds to purchase a new cutting unit for our tractor so we can ensure the grass is kept short enough over the field

by Geoff Beston in Bedworth, Warwickshire, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 30th October 2021 we'd raised £920 with 17 supporters in 42 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

WHO ARE WE?      NUNEATON ARCHERS  (Covering Nuneaton, Bedworth and all surrounding areas)

We are actually 3 clubs in one. We have  senior, junior and disability clubs all operating under the main heading.

Everyone helping at the club does so for free. We have no paid help and every penny we raise comes from membership fees, donations or 'have a go' sessions

During the pandemic we were not able to run beginners courses and so new members could not come through the system and go on to join the club.  The funds we raise from those courses and then new members fees are the lifeblood of the club. Without them last year we had no option but to use the reserve funds we had managed to accumulate to pay our rent and keep the club afloat.

We are lucky that we have a lease on a superb piece of land but of course with that comes the need to maintain it and keep the grass at a level that is suitable for all abilities.  Those new to the sport are more likely to miss the target and so having short grass makes it easier to locate their arrows on the ground.  Keeping the grass down is a never ending task that requires the right equipment and a list of volunteers willing to give up their time to do it.


Our old mower became too old and too expensive to keep running and so we replaced it with an 'old' tractor.  The tractor 1631640954_site_photo.jpg(as seen here)

 might not look at all pretty  but it runs well and has the power to drive a good cutting unit.  

We were able to get a small cutting unit into the deal when we bought the tractor.  It is just 5 feet wide and is desperately small for the size of the field.

Current 'small' mowerTo keep on top of the cutting we need to purchase a larger cutting unit.  Using the small cutting unit means longer cutting time, more diesel and more wear and tear on the tractor.  A larger unit is expensive (especially if bought new). A second hand one is better value, reduces wear and tear on the tractor, reduces the diesel fuel bill and so is all round a much better option. That is where the help comes in!  We are not looking to raise an excessive amount, but at the moment having depleted our savings on the rent, keeping the club afloat and purchasing the tractor, we need your help.

Any help we can get towards the replacement cutting unit will be a massive step for us and enable us to keep bringing new people into the sport, keep shooting and have sufficient space for all members where all the grass is down at the right level, making it easier to shoot and find 'lost' arrows


The photos show our 'new,' but old tractor, the current 'small' 5' mower attachment and finally a 12' one that we would like to buy.  If you re able to support us then we will be forever grateful. We know that times have been hard for many people and clubs during the last 18 months, but please think about supporting us.  Every pound we raise will take us closer to getting the mower attachment.

If you are then able to tell your friends and family about the project and see if they are able to support us as well that would be amazing.

Many, many thanks for taking the time to have a look through what we are doing.


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£20 or more

Archery Taster session

30 minute 'taster' session. Have your ever wondered if you would like archery? Now is the chance, you help us and we will help you

£20 or more

£10 voucher to spend at Heavenly, Bedworth

A £10 voucher to be spent at Heavenly, Bedworth Contact them to discuss the ways to redeem your voucher at Heavenly

£25 or more

1 hour of mediumship at Heavenly, Bedworth

1 hour of mediumship at Heavenly, Bedworth Choose from tarot, angel cards, psychometry etc. Contact Heavenly to discuss how to redeem your voucher

£40 or more

£30 to spend at Heavenly, Bedworth

A £30 voucher to spend, as you like, at Heavenly, Bedworth Contact them to discuss the many ways you can redeem your voucher

£50 or more

£50 voucher for 2 people at Escapelive Coventry

Voucher for 2 people to use at Coventry Go to their website redeem your voucher which is for 2 people (£25 each) to be used at escape live Coventry

£100 or more

Be our 'Lord Paramount' at our Open comp in 2022

Our open competition takes place on the 28th August. You can become the 'Lord Paramount' for the day. As such you get to award the prizes and will be fed at lunchtime

£125 or more

Archery Beginners course

If you are new to archery you will need beginners course to start. Lasts for 6 hours, taken usually over 4 weeks ( 1 1/2 hours per week) this course will set you up for your future shooting

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