by NUNCATS in Old Buckenham, England, United Kingdom

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Sustainable electric aviation. Creating a lifeline for the world’s remote communities.

by NUNCATS in Old Buckenham, England, United Kingdom

Update: April 2022 1650788116_flag-ukraine_1f1fa-1f1e6.png 

While we'd love you to support our broader mission right now, we are currently focussing our efforts on supporting our friends at Pirogov Volunteer Hospital in Ukraine. We're raising funds to deliver essential meds and paramedic motorbikes to their team, if you can help us, please check out our other crowdfunding page

1650788339_backhand-index-pointing-right_1f449.png Essential Supplies for Pirogov Volunteer Hospital

Thank you, from Tim and Helen and all our dedicated volunteers and supporters



We founded NUNCATS with the aim of proving the viability of sustainably powered electric planes to deliver vital medical equipment and human resources to some of the world’s most remote communities.  


Plane Speaking 

So often, we are presented with news about a problem, but with no offer of a solution forthcoming. This is normal. Or at least, you learn to accept it as normal, which is disappointing, and crucially, need not be the case. 

Every day, we hear about global inequalities, about the threats posed by climate change and by our reliance on petrochemicals. We hear about the problems accessing healthcare in rural or r1620158121_image_04-05-2021_at_20.51.jpgemote areas, or about the logistical problems in delivering any answers, and come away wishing things could be different, but unsure what we, personally, might be able to do about any of it… then we go about our day, maybe feeling just a little bit defeated. But what can you do?

A deliverable solution 

Light aviation already plays a critical role in the developing world.  It connects isolated communities for day to day needs, and in times of natural disaster, famine or conflict, reliable and robust aircraft can provide a lifeline to communities. But refuelling facilities are scarce, conventional fuel is expensive and, in the long term, unsustainable. However, such communities often have plenty of sunshine and wind to generate electricity.

Electric vehicles can be simple to use and maintain, while remaining cost effective. Renewable energy is a key element in the sustainable development of remote communities. By taking an approach that unifies these broad themes we will deliver fully electric air lifelines to those remote places where we can have the most impact. Our concept is timely, and the moment for it is right now.  

We can bring immediate, tangible benefits to those communities which need help the most, by developing robust and affordable electric aircraft.  You get to take at least some of the credit for making it happen, because you are not only discerning and forward thinking but also, if I may say so, rather attractive

You see how this works? You just became a philanthropist, and that’s pretty wild. Yeah it is. Oh, and you can probably feel good about helping those people in remote villages get access to vital healthcare for the rest of your life, because that’s a good thing to have done, and it’s nice to feel nice. 

Taking a bird’s-eye view

Our idea, simply put, is to provide both our electric aircraft and the means to power it via micro-grid technologies, as a single package. In the next six months, we will prove the airworthiness, 1620158497_image_04-05-2021_at_20.59.jpgrange and utility of a simple, rugged and ecologically sustainable aircraft, we like to call the electric sky jeep’, which can deliver life changing, and life saving benefits to communities with very limited access to modern medical equipment and personnel.

Longer term, we will introduce our technologies to the sports flying sector, with sales of our modular batteries, conversion kits and designs allowing sports flyers to convert to cleaner, greener energy. The income generated will help ensure that we can offer fully assembled, or even flat pack electric planes at cost price to aid organisations providing essential support to remote communities across the globe.

From concept to reality 

Accessibility is of central concern to us, whether that is the affordability of technologies or ready access to parts and repairs. With this in mind, we chose a plane that is designed to be built from a kit, and have partnered with Zenith Aircraft, the USA’s leading producer of 'light sport' category aircraft.  The aircraft is based on the Zenith CH750, designed from the outset to be simple to assemble but also tough, and capable of operating in remote areas with difficult terrain. 

Building an electric sky jeep doesn’t require access to specialised machinery or production facilities, proving that electric aircraft do not have to use cutting edge technology to be a vital tool in the real world.  

1620158221_image_04-05-2021_at_20.52.jpgSustainable power, off-grid

Our studies have demonstrated that a charging network could be created with only minor modifications to the existing grids. In doing so, such a network would permit our aircraft to serve many sites without any reliance on fossil fuels. These micro-generation sites are already located at schools and clinics, where people and other resources are most needed.  

By integrating established, as well as emerging technologies, we aim to create complete networks of sustainable, self-reliant and resilient transport systems. Electric sky jeeps will provide a new option for charities and NGOs in delivering life changing services to remote areas- an option with the minimum logistics tail and providing the maximum positive impact.  

These systems can be deployed anywhere the sun shines, and require virtually no external infrastructure once installed; what makes NUNCATS different is that our project has been designed from end to end optimising for maximum social benefit at every step.  



Now, this is where you come in...

You can make all the difference 

Since we founded NUNCATS in the summer of 2019, we have built our first aircraft, and are ready to launch into the next phase of our project… but we need your help.  

Your donation will make it happen.

Forget disappointment, we can make delivering healthcare to remote communities the new normal.

So, let’s do that instead. 



This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£25 or more

Tote Bag

Utilitarian ruggedness isn't just reserved for electric sky jeeps. For all your toting needs, one of these stylish numbers is not only rather chic, but also helps spread the word.

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Get your face on the plane!

Commit a selfie to the skies… Send us your best selfie and we will make you famous. We are keeping the whole tail of our first electricskyjeep clear for a photo-collage of our supporters. The most visible locations on the aircraft will be reserved for our most ardent supporters- so whether its you and your pet or with your workmates photo-bombing you, give us your best shot!

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Showcase your corporate logo

Just like our sky selfie reward, we’ll add your corporate logo to our supporter collage on the tail, one of the most visible locations on the aircraft. We’ll also make sure you get a special mention in our supporter updates, and of course a shout out on socials!

£250 or more

Tea and nibbles at Electric sky jeep HQ

As well as receiving all the perks of the smaller rewards, including an especially large and impressive photograph of you in a prime location on the tail, come and visit our hangar and sign your name on the plane! We'll provide the tea and sharpies.

£500 or more

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VIP tickets to the UK's best private airshow

For the lucky first three funders at this level, as well as ALL of the aforementioned rewards, each of you will receive a pair of tickets to join us at the award-winning Old Buckenham Air Show, with "money-can't-buy" VIP access and the opportunity to take part in the first public showing of the first of the electric sky jeeps!

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