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by Maisha sumah in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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Short Doc-film on domestic abuse ,child sexual abuse, poverty ,mental health. To campaign on ending violence against women and girls

by Maisha sumah in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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We do not want to see another headline ! 

Another stabbing , another young person missing through being exploited or another homicide which its cause is domestic abuse.

We want to change this headline , and you can help us. 

"It takes a village to raise a child , but it takes the care of the community to restore humanity"

At the age of 5 years old I was sexually abused , which continued for a while. I matured earlier due to this trauma , which led to me being exploited in my teenage years. I began to experience terrible bullying. This started at primary school from the racism I experienced, being sexually assaulted in primary school. I was spat at - called a monkey , physically and emotionally abused , whilst also bullied about my skin colour and hair type. I was constantly isolated.1700607099_1661d01d-4dff-49d9-a052-9024614e5407.jpeg

I started to loose the desire to live. 

Not long after I witness abused in my home between my parents, to the point that I was afraid that my mother would be murdered. I did witness nearby death experiences in my home, which led to me developing : PTSD , depression , anxiety and other mental ill health disorders.  The racism , neglect and abuse I faced at primary school was difficult. Whilst living in poverty due to the financial abuse at home. I was living on survival with no safeguarding intervention from those who I was supposed to be protected by the most. The abusive household became worse , and at any moment my mother would have been murdered. This frightened me. I felt hopeless , distressed and broken inside. Why couldn't I just live like a child?  

We managed to flee and start again, but still with lack of awareness , unresolved internal traumas , no contextual safeguarding I found myself becoming involved with the wrong crowds , which exposed me to a lot of youth violence. My mental health became worse at 13 years of age I attempted suicide 8 times. I self harmed , became addicted , and being vunerable and broken I was an easy prey to be groomed. In my mid-teens I was a victim of domestic abuse. I was almost murdered on 3 occasions , I suffered injuries from the physical abuse. Mentally impacted from the emotional and psychological abuse. Plus , the devastating sexual and financial abuse that i repeatedly faced. I witnessed every form of abuse and was prone too as I had no resources or education on consent , healthy relationships to say the least, that could have prevented a lot of the trauma i had experienced and provided safety. My experience highlights that I could have been another HEADLINE related to an murder around (femicide) of teen domestic abuse. However , I have the privilege which I do not take lightly to have survived. And now make it my mission to help others too.

Who is she today?

Maisha Sumah is an international multi award winning speaker / mental health advocate who inspires, empowers and influences thousands of individuals through her platform She Walks in Value, by delivering motivational talks worldwide and seminars plus workshops, one to one mentoring and a variety of events with community events being a popular one. She has also been featured in magazines and books. Plus, she has done TV / radio interviews with SKY, BBC radio London, BBC evening news and BBC Nottingham. and featured in evening news standard, yahoo news and metro newspaper and telegraph on how she overcame her traumatic life experiences to who she is today. Recently she has been elected as chair for the VAWG forum in two boroughs in London. Additionally, she has been chosen as the youngest mental health expert representative for the BME communities within the NHS to talk about solutions for mental health. As a young women’s activist, she has delivered talks and partaken in events in Houses of Lords & Houses of Parliament and City Hall to create the change she and other survivors want to see. To add she has been listed within the 50 most inspiring black women in the UK and much more! She was also invited to speak by Women of the World at their launch event and was recognised by the Queen consort, UK former Prime Minster’s wife and the former female first president of Australia for her bravery and powerful story telling. The courageous and trailblazing spirit that she has ready to make the difference in any given opportunity to be a real model and pass hope to others is what makes her stand out! Helping others to find their voice.



The idea

The short doc-film will be followed by an campaign #NotAnotherHeadLine which its aim is to end VAWG together. By everyone in society taking its own accountabilty to this problem. The change we want to see starts , when we all see the problem and take  action to start shifting mindsets or beliefs and challenging this issues. 

The purpose of this short doc-film is to create a legacy and inspire anyone watching this film to believe that despite their circumstances and difficulties that they have encountered, there is hope and a way out. I have had the privilege of sharing my story on the biggest stages in front of high-profile guests, and hundreds of thousands of people over the years. My desire is to further reach many more through the power of storytelling through film. A film on my life story that covers themes such as: childbirth, child sexual abuse, war and fleeing as an asylum seeker and refuge, domestic abuse, youth violence,mental ill health, bullying and racism. and the tools I used to change my life around to be the transformed women I am today holistically.

This doc-film is to be used to tour on a global level as these are universal issues. In addition , this film will be used as a training tool in schools ,professional and community settings to help educate and empower viewers. There will also be a handbook that will be accessible, the team will be running workshops for young people and training for professionals and key stakeholders on how to use our digital resources and additional content. Whilst we also partner with charities related to the themes covered. There is power in education and authentic story sharing. We believe and hope that from this, a movement in the change we want to see can become a reality. And that this can also create opportunities for these young people , those in care , those who are overlooked in society. As part of our social impact factor to reduce crime rates.

We believe that this short doc-film can transform educate and empower lives , through this short film and tool kit / handbook. Sometimes you need to see that it is possible to be the change , that it is possible to create change. And the same way that I am a living proof of this , i wholeheartedly believe in this and want to create this ripple effect. Through this project and campaign #NotAnotherHeadline 

The impact that has been made so far

Through our work we have helped transformed the lives of thousands of people through our workshops, one to one support and events. Both globally and international. We believe that a bad background does not mean that you have to leave your back on the ground! Regardless of the circumstances that push us to the ground, through hope and resilience we can get back up and rise above it. And leave a mark on that ground, that inspires others to walk on that ground empowered with their head up!

Some of the services we have provided :

  • One to One support
  •  Employment opportunities by linking those at exploration stages to job opportunities/ events and networks 
  • Pamper day for those experiencing or experienced domestic abuse and poor mental health
  • Community / networking events
  • Creative workshops to explore and support individuals with their mental health and difficult life experiences. Boosting their self-image / belief.  
  • International talks  

How will your donation make a difference ?

Your donations will help to firstly create this impactful and touching film , through being able to hire equipments required to shoot a film, hire locations to shoot the scences, hiring talent to tell the story powerfully and make payments to the camera crew and those involved and the other important logistics that is required to be able to create a film. Before and post production , your donations will also help to hire the cinema and event logistics, where this short film will be premiered before it goes live as a world wide campaign. Cost to also be able to do marketing , event promotionals and advertising. Through your donation , we can change the headlines! Please join us in this fight to make further impact in many lives. Your donation depends on this. 


"The Platinum Champions Awards, launched by RVS in honour of Her Majesty The Queen’s 70 years of service, have given us the opportunity to celebrate the remarkable contribution of all volunteers, who truly are the backbone of our country. Maisha is an inspirational woman" Her Majesty The Queen (formerly HRH The Duchess of Cornwall)  

" We need more people with this ambition and passion. And the willingness to help others , meeting this lovely lady has changed my life she was there when i was going through my depression , and she was always there no matter the time. She helped me with my understanding because of my learning difficulties , she took her time to work with me and never saw less of me. I am happy i met her" Mentee 

"I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude for your participation. Your insights and contributions were eye-opening and deeply resonant. The narratives shared were both empowering and enlightening" The entire team at Toynbee Hall

"Maisha has supported some of the most vulnerable people in our borough, and her skill, dedication and tireless hard work make such a difference to everyone around her. It’s an absolute honour to show her how much her efforts are appreciated by me, the council and the whole of Wandsworth. ”The Mayor of Wandsworth

Help us , Help others - this is what drives us 


For any further enquiries or ways you can support. 
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